Nintendo: “We have not discontinued any amiibo”

Alex says, "There has been a lot of confusing reports on the state of amiibo these the past few weeks. Nintendo and multiple sources are contradicting each other over the discontinuation of certain figures."

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Grilla1313d ago

This is just getting silly. I'm inclined to believe the gamestop email, picked up Zelda and Diddy Kong at meijer tonite.

Agent_00_Revan1313d ago

Great. Now just make a statement about the status of the Gamecube controller adaptor. Discontinued or Not? I thinks drawing more concern at the moment then anything!

KaladinStormblessed1313d ago

They already confirmed that the adaptor is not discontinued.

xwilldemise1313d ago

Nintendo should just mass produce the heck out of these amiibo's to redicule "collector's" who are willing to spend $100 on average per "toy".

AJBACK2FRAG1312d ago

I repeat. If something is made to be collectible it isn't. That's like back in the day when people thought they'd put their kids through college on their beanie baby collection. The intrinsic value of anything is what someone will pay for the item not what's written in a book. Ask longtime baseball card collector's.

xwilldemise1312d ago

Yea except it's second hand sellers selling them for outrageous prices. None of which that money actually goes back to Nintendo. All Nintendo has to do is see how popular they are & make more.

GokuSolosAll1313d ago

Local GameStop says they are discontinued.

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