The Honest Last of Us Trailer Deserves a High Five

Kotaku - Naughty Dog's melodramatic post-apocalyptic survival game wowed almost everybody when it came out last year. Will the notoriously picky folks behind Honest Game Trailers manage to find fault with The Last of Us? Shh…. Clickers!

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Relientk771076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

Super listening to things
Prison quality arts and crafts
Pin point brick chucking

also hilarious when Joel doesn't give Ellie the high five lol

*edit Staring Old Nathan Drake :)

Marcello1076d ago

The Didn't cry at Giraffe scene trophy is still one after multiple play-thru`s i haven't managed to acquire yet. Someone`s always peeling onions around me when i get to that bit, no honest :)

Relientk771076d ago

I like how even during that scene Ellie curses "so effing cool"

like she doesnt curse enough already lol

telekineticmantis1076d ago

Yeah, onions, yeah me too! That's what it was...

itBourne1076d ago

Already watched this twice lmao!

Relientk771076d ago

I actually watched it 3 times haha

mamotte1076d ago

Hahahaha, "Home Alone 2" trophy... I wont be able ta throw a brick in that game without laughing.

Eonjay1076d ago

"A game so bleak, it makes Killzone look like Kingdom Hearts!"

LOL pretty much.

DragonKnight1076d ago

Naughty Dog should release a patch that adds that brick throwing trophy. Frickin' best trophy ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.