5 Reasons Street Fighter V Looks a lot Like Street Fighter III

IGN - After plenty of rumors (and one big leak), Capcom finally unveiled Street Fighter V at the PlayStation Experience last week. A gameplay trailer focused on two of Street Fighter’s classic world warriors, Ryu and Chun Li, battling it out on an ultra-detailed new stage. It didn't initially look like the short reveal gave much away, but there are details that might have gone unnoticed.

In fact, Street Fighter's future might lie in its past - Street Fighter V features several striking similarities to Street Fighter III, last seen in the late 1990s.

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Majin-vegeta1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

I saw someone mention this during the reveal.Hopefully alex makes it in

Edit:Found it

Abash1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Im really hoping for Remy and Oro to return in SF5! Some of my fav SF3 fighters

XtraTrstrL1317d ago

Oro FTW! That was my main.

bouzebbal1317d ago

haha Oro and Remy. Two legendary characters.
i am hoping for a mix between SF3 and Alpha characters. SF3 3rd strike had too many newcomers and not many classics. i think a balance would be great in SFV.

gangsta_red1318d ago

I think it would be cool if they moved the story after part 3. It felt weird that part four took place between part 2 and 3.

Even though part 3 had more of a darkstalkers vibe with it's characters I really liked Elena, Alex and Urien. Would like to see those characters make a return.

Alex deserves a return.

GokuSolosAll1317d ago

Asura should make it this time around; imagine his crazy ultras!

Inception1317d ago

Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, and Sean are a must for me. And maybe Q too. I enjoy using him but his a f*kin mystery. The ending also didn't gave a single clue of who / what is he. But no Gill please! :(

Also, guard parry need to appear again. I enjoy focus attack as a defensive / offensive feature in SF IV. But guard parry is more challenging to do.

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