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Push Square: "The Order: 1886 may be set in the late 19th century, but its presentation is anything but ancient. Ready at Dawn’s inaugural home console escapade is not only the best looking game on the PlayStation 4, but we’d argue that it’s some way ahead of the best looking PC titles, too. Granted, it’s not running in 4K resolution, and has black borders at the top and the bottom of the screen to enhance its ‘filmic’ look, but this is still a real technical triumph, boasting flawless image quality and some of the most authentic environments that we’ve ever seen. The question is: has the ex-God of War developer built an actual game around its outstanding graphics?"

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Fro_xoxo1343d ago

from what I've seen the game-play seems fine to me. The focus must be on story-telling.

bouzebbal1343d ago

another troll clickbait article.
The Order is neither a revolution nor a relic, it's just an intense action game with a big focus on the story and with a very unique atmosphere. Only good stuff if you ask me.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1343d ago

@"Is PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 a Revolution or a Relic?"

The Order hasn't even been released. How could it be either if no one has played the finished product?

OB1Biker1343d ago

I agree. I used to like Pushsquare but its gone downhill IMO
That click bait title was not necessary.
Also I think the game IS actually very ambitious completely blurring the lines between cutscenes and gameplay and really have the 'cinematic' feel. Obviously a few won't like it but I can't wait to play this game

joab7771343d ago

Exatcly. Why does ot either have to be Uncharted 4 or pac-man? Gimme a break. It is what it is, a great linear, story heavy experience that I am sure is quite enjoyable and probably quite good for their 1st console game.

WeirdShroom1343d ago

The answer is No. It will be another in many cases of pure overhype.

Dyldog691343d ago

Oh overhype like titanfart

medman1342d ago

That was one repugnant fart.

WeirdShroom1340d ago

Titanfall, Killzone, all of the sports games, assassin's creed, etc etc. Lots of games are overhyped compared to what people get, especially overhyping themselves. This will be one of those, though the hardcore fanboys would eat poop and smile if their master fed it to them.

thanhgee1343d ago

First impressions were negative and now that people got a hold of the 30 minute demo and saying positive things about it. That is overhyping?

Thatguy-3101343d ago

How is it overhyped if everyone is talking smack about it because it doesn't offer anything new? As long as it does what it wants to do right then I don't see why people would hate the game.

Dyldog691343d ago

This game looks sick. My concern is campaign length. Cutscenes and graphics galore could translate to a Ryse like unacceptable 6 hour campaign.

bouzebbal1343d ago

Dead Space is one of the best action games from next gen and each one of them can be finished in 5-6 hours. The most important is the replayability the game is offering.

SolidGear31343d ago

First Dead Space is about 10 hours, second about 12 hours and third about 20-25 hours.

bouzebbal1343d ago

DS3 is definitely not 20-25. if you are talking 100% i agree. i'm on my third playthrough and i'm level 19 just over 6hours.

morganfell1342d ago

I also agree with SolidGear. But abzdiine, I wouldn't use replays to gauge game time as we tend to move at a wholly different pace due to level/event familiarity.

Inception1343d ago

Don't care if a revolution or relic. It looks fun and that's what i care.

Hell, i still play Tetris, Super Bust A Move, or Bareknuckle when i have the time. Some people will say those games are a relic. But i still find them fun to play. So, as a gamer why i must limit myself with revolution or relic thing???

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