Pre-E3 2008 IGN: Spore Hands-on

So you may be sitting there, wondering what you'll be able to do with the cute little creature that you've created using Spore's popular Creature Creator editor released two weeks ago. Since the tool was released, more than 1.3 million creatures have been created, and the full game isn't shipping till September. (Will Wright recently told an audience at the Apple Store in San Francisco that he originally hoped to have 100,000 user-made creatures in time for the game shipping.) Luckily, IGN had a chance to briefly play the civilization stage of Spore to see what some of the latter game is like.

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buckethead_X3791d ago

That sounds amazing. It's like flOw, civilization, simcity, and the sims (a little) put into one seamlessly connected cluster of awesomeness. I'm going to get this laptop back to peak performance by september. I'll play it for a month straight, until LBP ^_^

Superfragilistic3790d ago

Hehe and don't forget Galactic Civilization II, the Space game looks insane and is apparently infinite according to Will Wright!

This I believe is the game to beat for GoTY.