Square-Enix & The Problematic Final Fantasy 7 Fail Safe

Pixel Gate writes:

''Oh Square-Enix, how the mighty fall…then get back up again and stumble around a bit. As someone who grew up, partly at least, playing JRPGS, Square-Enix played a large part on my video game playing life. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 7,8 and 9, Dragons Quest, Final Fantasy Tactics. The game that stands out most in that line up (not for me, but for most people) is Final Fantasy 7. the ‘classic’.''

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glennhkboy1343d ago

Actually I'm surprise that it takes Square-Enix 2 decades to do the re-make! All the FF games from 1 thru 6 have been remade, re-released & remake of remake many times.

WitWolfy1343d ago

The sad thing is.. There are people out there who WILL buy this for $60... Screw SE, just make the PSX classic compatible with the PS4 God dammit.