The best games we saw at PlayStation Experience 2014

GameZone: "We had an awesome time checking out all the different games along with the fans, and really getting to see everyone's reaction to all of them. Here are some of the games we saw that really made an impact, and that we just can't wait to get our hands on when they come out next year."

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Relientk771229d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone was blown away by that Uncharted 4 gameplay. Geez, it was amazing.

itBourne1229d ago

It was amazing and the more I watch it the more I see ND's insanely awesome details!

Kill Strain was the one that caught me totally off guard. That game was a blast and I can't wait to see where it goes.

BitbyDeath1229d ago

The Forest also caught my interest.

DragoonsScaleLegends1229d ago

The Legend of Dragoon and MediEvil remake definitely caught my eye, oh wait... Sony doesn't care about their PS1/PS2 fans and that's very evident with what's available for PS4.

Relientk771229d ago

Both these franchises need to return for PS4

Rimeskeem1229d ago

You do realize there are so many people who want new IPs instead.

DragoonsScaleLegends1229d ago

Yeah I want knew IPs that don't suck as much as anybody and so far I have been disappointed with Destiny and Watch Dogs. But new IPs have nothing to do with supporting old games on PS4. If Sony is working on a PS1 or PS2 emulator it won't effect what new games they are working on. Also The Last of Us would not have been as great in my opinion if they didn't release the Remastered version which let us play the game at the frame-rate every game should run at which makes the game so much better as far as gameplay goes.

Rimeskeem1229d ago

Uncharted, No Mans Sky, The Forest, Drawn To Death, Bloodborne, The Order are some of the games that blew me away

Errefus1229d ago

-No mans sky
-Drawn to death

ya okay...

Qrphe1229d ago

No man's sky wasn't playable though, so it's:
-Drawn To Death
-Tomorrow's Children

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