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Trophies, Timed Challenges for Burnout Paradise

+ Posted by Simon Phipps // Designer, Criterion Games

Second week on the blog – and what a week it's been!

Here at Criterion, it was great to get the news that the Codename: Cagney update for Burnout Paradise has passed through submission at Sony Europe. That's a great place to be in. Next step – get the "okay" in the USA and we'll be sure to be hitting our deadline of 10th July for this awesome FREE pack of game-changing content.

Also, the third episode of our video podcast, CRASH TV is blowing the roof off the iTunes charts with its combination of exclusive footage, news, and details of upcoming PlayStation-specific features.

And talking of upcoming PlayStation-specific features, we'd like to confirm here that Criterion WILL be supporting PlayStation Trophies in a future update of Burnout Paradise. It won't be the Codename: Cagney update, but Trophies will be coming to Paradise soon. (PS3)

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Condoleezza Rice  +   2403d ago
Looking forward to the Trophy Support!
1bi11i0n  +   2403d ago
yeah! this is one of the games i hoped would support trophies!
LiquifiedArt  +   2403d ago
It is really great to see, Burnout continually growing.
I hope the trophy support comes asap. Its ashame We'll all have to replay our games, but its something that can be dealt with, with some Mountain Dew and a Big Pizza!! WOoOT
-EvoAnubis-  +   2403d ago
Ah hell.
Custom soundtracks, motorcycles, and now trophy support?

Damn . . . as much as I hate EA, Criterion seems to REALLY want my money, and will do anything to please me so that they can get my money.

And it's going to work.

Congratulations, Criterion Games; you single-handedly ended my 5 year EA boycott . . . but I'm only buying games YOU make.
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solidjun5  +   2403d ago
actually, you could've done this loophole.
at your discretion, you can purchase games published by EA, but made by respectable developers, such as, Bioware and criterion. BUt I understand why you would do it. I'm avoiding that is ported.
Skerj  +   2403d ago
Get it man, Criterion blew it out of the park with this game and online is a blast when you have some decent people to play with. Hell it's a blast when you have assholes to play with due to the nature of it.
KillahCam  +   2403d ago
I'm happy Developers are jumping on board with the trophies next should be Rockstar (GTAIV)lets go.
StalkingSilence  +   2403d ago
List of All PS3 Games with Trophy Support
I've been tracking the list of all games (1st and 3rd party) with Trophy Support: http://boardsus.playstation...
gambare  +   2403d ago
wow! Uncharted will support trophies! I was about to give it another run but now will be even more sweet :D
Skerj  +   2403d ago
Criterion surely loves the PS3 owners who purchased this game, and I love Criterion for the support. I've gone back to Paradise to get my licenses up for when Cagney is released, I can't wait to do some Road Rage online.
Darkiewonder  +   2403d ago
From their official site
"Trophies will be awarded based on your progress in your existing save game - so, when the update arrives the trophies you have earned will reflect the progress you've made in the game at that time (so you won't have to replay the game again to earn trophies)*

* We can reveal that this is why your Burnout Paradise save game has always been locked to your PlayStation Network id - so we could guarantee that when PlayStation Trophies arrived that your save game would reflect your progress."

Great move and job Criterion!
butterfinger  +   2403d ago
that was a great move by Criterion. They are really drawing people to the game and keeping their fanbase happy at the same time. Other developers should consider this a lesson.
Ri0tSquad  +   2403d ago
Hopefully more developers that decide to use trophies
Do what these guys did.
Nitrowolf2  +   2403d ago
yes it was a smart move by them but i would hate to format my HDD or upgrade it cause you lose that data that the only downfall i see with locked data
and alsio corrupted data
Booourns  +   2403d ago
Good think I picked this game up on the cheap.

Can't wait for all of the extras to this game, every PS3 owner should pick this up
ape007  +   2403d ago
Criterion,thank for the awesome burnout games over the years with both acclaim and EA,thank you so much guys you are one of a kind

I liked black btw it was awesome

a sequel on ps3,360 will be huge

plesee do it,keep up the hard work and agin,thank you guys
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2403d ago
since the trophies are retroactive for burnout online, i have a question... i was playing battlefield for the first time online last night and i noticed that i unlocked couple trophies. are those the trophies that will display on the gamercard or its just the game unlockable thing? like COD4 challenges? if they are the actual trophies, would they be retroactive?
juuken  +   2403d ago
Lol @ the phantom disagree.
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xtreampro  +   2403d ago
''This is SNAKE!...KEPT ya waiting HuGH!'', just thaught i might have ago
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n00bzRtehgey  +   2403d ago
shut the f*ck up, moron. learn some english. BTW, stop sending me PMs, u f*cking homo.

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