Need for Speed: the real winners of 2014’s racing games war

With the Need for Speed franchise returning next year, have the slow starts for 2014's new-gen racing games opened the door for NfS to return to pole position?

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KiwiViper851346d ago

I don't think FH2 should be included in your paragraph about failed racing games. I've never experienced any issues, at launch or today.

It's a great racing game, and should be considered NFS's benchmark.

Bring on Underground 3

sugawalls1346d ago

FH2 was a pretty clean game in terms of features, physics and gameplay. It had a sense of reasoning to carry on playing. Unlike driveclub. This article is flawed.

Ghost games need to deliver this coming year when it comes to NFS. Lets take it back to the underground. Don't EA games like money anymore?

MysticStrummer1346d ago

You need a "sense of reasoning to carry on playing"?

I prefer "fun" to make me keep playing a game. Driveclub has that.

Hakoom1346d ago

i think games like need for speed and burnout are the only good racing games around..
games like forza and gt are just boring.. there is just no action in the game and u just spin like a crazy person in a track..

need for speed and burnout have action in the game.. police.. mayhem everything happening :D
its just more fun
just my opinion

NeoGamer2321346d ago

Have you played Horizon at all? It is an arcade racer along the lines of NFS.

Immorals1346d ago

Forza horizon 2 is my favourite racing game ever, dunno what this article is about!

Underground 2 is my second favourite though, I'd love for nfs to return to that series!

ImAPotato1346d ago

Forza Horizon 2 is also my favorite racing game of all time, and might just be my Game of The Year. Game was phenomenal

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The story is too old to be commented.