No Expansions In Might & Magic III HD – Ubisoft Couldn’t Find Data, Possibly Lies About Visuals

GG3 writes about the latest kerfuffle Ubisoft is tangled in. The newly announced Might & Magic HD edition won't feature any expansions, because the company couldn't find any usable data for the additions. Also, its marketed state of the original visuals could be faked for emphasis.

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DxTrixterz1292d ago

Yeah and then bam few months later they'll sell expansions for who knows how much.

3-4-51292d ago

This is what happens when you have a liar in charge.

JsonHenry1292d ago

Can't find the data? I have copies of it...

Daavpuke1291d ago

Ubisoft needs the source code, it's a bit different. Though, I'm sure that'd be a good place to start, if you didn't.

JsonHenry1291d ago

I know what they meant. I was joking.

Ryuk_20071292d ago

Sorry EA but Ubisoft takes the golden poo award this year.
Altering images of the original so it would look bad in comparison to your try and sell a remake is low.

ThunderPulse1292d ago

Ubi be lying more than EA this year lol