PS3's Cell processor helps locate oil

PS3 Fanboy:

"Besides the Roadrunner and our beloved PS3, the Cell processor can now add another task it can do into its repertoire. Repsol, one of the world's ten largest oil companies, is employing the use the of the Cell processor, more specifically the PowerXCell 8i variant on a BladeCenter QS22 computer, to "analyze undersea rock formations in the search for untapped reserves.""

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thereapersson3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Except play games, lol!


sonarus3340d ago

If the oil isn't in 4d i'm not interested

thereapersson3340d ago

This will be a super-refined oil that will allow machinery to operate at 120fps.

Statix3340d ago

Looks like ol' GW has a new favorite game.

Pornlord3340d ago

It's G Dubyuh, show some respect for the President!!! :P

Yeah, maybe they can use the PS3 to figure out an alternative to oil?? Maybe that would be a better application.

shazam3340d ago

use the cell as the brain for robot soldiers that could fight the Iraq war for us.

iamtehpwn3340d ago

Cures cancer, drives down fuel prices, movies, music, photos, AND Games. The only left is for this machine to get me laid, and if it does that, I'll buy 5 more.

fenderputty3340d ago

I was just going to say the same thing. Until the PS3 can figure out how to build a better battery or some other alternative fuel source, I don't really care. I just want to play games and watch movies on it.

Seriously though ... someone needs to figure out how to make a car that runs 100 miles to the gallon.

Pornlord3340d ago


I can see that headline now.

"George "Dubyuh" Bush announces today that he not only discovered Sony Playstation's Cell processor, but has also sent a Patent in for the application of the chip being used in the reanimated corpses of Humans"

President Bush in an adress to the Nation speaks:
"Now is the time for our country to start lookin' to the future. You can't not be any cooler than a War vet. And we can make that happen for yer loved one's all over again with my new plan that I came up with while drinkin' a cold Busch. We bring em' back usin' fancy science stuff that brangs em' back so we can use our old soldiers as new ones, Pretty cool huh?"

m91058263340d ago

Fenderputty, check out the Aptera. 300MPG available for purchase now. Enjoy.

Doppy3340d ago

All PS3 owners should receive free gas cards.

rakgi3340d ago

@m9105826 yea but if you don't live in California good luck getting an Aptera

m91058263339d ago

My buddy's dad has one coming to him in August... in Virginia.

rakgi3339d ago

thats weird since they stated they will not ship outside of California for a few years

m91058263339d ago

lol as they say... money talks, and the man certainly has plenty to throw around.

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Alexander Roy3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

CELL - Is there anything it can't do?

Seriously, it's a CPU. CPUs are used in PCs. PCs are used to do research and stuff like this among other things. Do we need news everytime a certain CPU is used to do something that others have done for years before?

InMyOpinion3340d ago

Exactly. It's the program that does the magic, not the processor.

rakgi3340d ago

Then again without the processor the program wont run and the pc wont start like mine when i beat the hell outta the processor and ripped it out of the system cause it beeped at me ^_^

meepmoopmeep3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

a program's ability is limited by the processor it uses.

InMyOpinion3339d ago

And what tells you this program wouldn't be able to run on a normal PC processor?

rakgi3339d ago

it should be able to but most likely not as well since we all know cell works wonders if programmed correctly though i could be wrong

m91058263339d ago

You clearly know NOTHING about programming. By your logic CUDA should run on an x86 and your desktop could run algorithms meant for IBM's supercomputers.

If you write code for 8 cores, it will only run on 8 cores.

rakgi3338d ago

wow maybe you should of read the last bit I COULD BE WRONG all violent for no reason

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ape0073340d ago

hey bush use the cell now

without sending troops to iraq

sony solves this up for you