Six Steps For First-Time PC Builders

Kevin writes: After a short period of despair I decided to undertake the task of building the new PC myself and I learnt a lot of useful information in the process.

I’ve since finished my build and am glad that I took up the challenge, but at the same time it took a lot more time and effort than I had originally anticipated. In this article I aim to layout my plan of action for anyone who’s thinking of building their first PC, in the hope that I can save you some time and maybe even some money.

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NerdStar71103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

My advice to anyone wanting to get into PC gaming is to buy an Alienwaire desktop as they're a bargain! Either that or get a Mac as they're also a bargain and have thousands of games available for them. Another tip is to buy games on Origin as they're the best digital marketplace alongside UPlay. For people wanting to build their own to max games out at 60FPS they will need good hardware, an Intel Duo Core setup alongside an Nvidia GTX 260 is the perfect rig to max out games for the next 12 years.


Grave1103d ago

I got a laugh, thanks.

JsonHenry1103d ago

The down votes are killing me. This guy is comedian of the year people!!

kevnb1103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

sometimes alienware desktops arent that bad price wise, but of course they cant compete with a diy build. And macs are great, just not for gaming.

Ducky1103d ago

Pro tip: For an extra performance boost, paint red stripes on the side of your case.

DLConspiracy1103d ago

I almost had an aneurysm reading that. :p

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urwifeminder1103d ago

Do some research look at reviews and bench results youtube has great reviews on cards.

Fro_xoxo1103d ago

It is quite easy. . you'll be glad you built one.
And, you can save tons and tons of money on games.

JsonHenry1103d ago

As well as do a LOT of things you can't do on the other gaming platforms.

mikeslemonade1103d ago

That's subjective. For me I buy my games cheap for the consoles and then trade them back when I'm done. I got plus $3 on COD, Sunset OD, WWE. So I'm actually making money back in credit.

Not everyone prefers to download games for "cheap". Unless you do illiegal means.

DLConspiracy1103d ago


Can you produce music, create games, watch all Hulu content, buy early access games, Photoshop your pictures or play Half Life 3 when it comes out?

Just teasing BTW.

kev9871103d ago

This was basically my motivation and I would happily do it again!

susanto12281103d ago

I have been building systems for a very long time and my advice is read read read....I am partial to Intel/asus/Corsair mem/and Nvidia and here are some forums that I am a member and supporter of..

geforce forums
Asus ROG forums
and TOm's Hardware

The feeling of receiving new parts for a build on a weekend with a 12 pack is great and having a powerful machine in your gameroom is a great reward

kev9871102d ago

Tom's Hardware was actually one of the forums I linked to in regards to a good build guide.

paul-p19881103d ago

Step 1: Read Guide
Step 2: Buy Parts
Step 3: Install Parts
Step 4: Install OS and Games
Step 5: Go on any games forum you can find and keep repeating phrases like "waiting for superior PC version at 60fps and 4k", "console peasants", or "I only spent $1000 on a graphics card"
Step 6: Smile