Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Review: Definitive HD Versions For The 3DS | GameNGuide

Is this remastered compilation of the first three Phoenix Wright games a must-buy for every serious Nintendo 3DS owner, or something you can skip? (HINT- must-buy)

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GokuSolosAll1195d ago

Why is this series Nintendo exclusive? Port that trilogy over for Vita and bring Monster Hunter along with it while you're at it.

I swear, the gaming industry is run by idiots who hate money and success.

cplus1195d ago

You clearly have no idea how the gaming industry works. Hell, I can tell you have absolutely no knowledge in business whatsoever.

"run by idiots who make more than ten times what I make in a lifetime, in a single year and are more successful then I will ever be behind my computer monitor telling them how to run a multi-billion dollar industry. While I spend all my time on N4G and playing video games"

PygmelionHunter1195d ago

*Game gets released on the best selling console in the market*

"the gaming industry is run by idiots who hate money and success."


Canary1194d ago

Funny how you got three replies and no one bothered to point out that the first three games have been ported to iOS.

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Canary1194d ago

Does not mean what you think it means.

GokuSolosAll1195d ago

Lol wtf downvotes? Nintendrones.