Why People Can't Stop Loving Super Smash Bros.

To an outsider the Super Smash Bros. series may seem like an unbalanced cacaphony of unrelated characters beating the snot out of each other. According to the latest episode of PBS's Game/Show, that's exactly why folks love it.

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RPG12011258d ago

I can´t stop hating it.

3-4-51257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

More small details and charm in this game than 10+ other games combined.

So many variations and ways to play, not sure how you can't find at least one option or way of playing that isn't at least somewhat fun or enjoyable.

I think people like you possibly TRY to not enjoy things.

Then's all opinion, and everyone has different taste.

schlanz1257d ago

"I can´t stop hating"


tucky1258d ago

Honestly I tried to love it but it's really impossible.

Easily, in my eyes, the worst game ever made (a complete mess).

I really don't understand people loving this game

Gemmol1257d ago

the game is about beating your opponents, like any other game, you win by either dying the least amount, or because you killed everyone else or if you play coin mode its about who could collect the most coin by beating up the other person.

B button does special moves, you can press up b and do a up b move, down b and do a down b move or left/right b and do a left/right b move

A button do the same with normal attacks

X button allow you to jump

L or R button allow you to block

from looking at this.....buttons are very simple compare to a real fighting game, so if this game is a mess for you its because you over thinking things or you playing with characters that you do not understand their moves.......

reason people love this game because its fun anything can happen, especially when you playing with items, with items it can be anyone game, this is why most competitions play without items

without items it take more strategy, cause now you have to plan your hits because if someone sneak up behind with a dodge attack they can hit you very hard

theres people who wait for you to attack so they can send it back on you, with these fighters you have to use a different strategy, either pretend you about to attack them then roll behind them while they try to reflect your attack and hit them from behind or make them come for you by shooting them with arrows or whatever weapon your character have

this game have a lot of strategy depending on who you fighting you just have to think before you attack dont just go in guns blazing unless you playing with other rookies.....if you find the right smash players to play with you will understand the game better.....just hit people up in miiverse and find other rookies or people willing to help...and join up online go against the computer as a team until you get the hang of the basics, then learn to really master your character

I am not the best out of 340 games online in for glory mode I have a 52 winning percentage so you could say I win about half of my games and lose the other half, those guys online are tough

Joydivision391257d ago

@tucky dude shut up kid, uncharted 4 and street fighter 5 worst games ever. Idk why people go gaga over these lame games.

LOL_WUT1257d ago

The BEST Wii U title to date. I thought MK8 was going to be a game to really captivate me but it fell shy of that at least in my case. Smash Bros on the other hand was definitely worth the wait and very addicting. ;)