The Crew review: Technical achievements diminished by disappointing visuals | Postmedia

The Crew’s massive, sprawling map that spans the entire United States, is one of the most interesting technical achievements featured in a video game in the last few years.

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pat_11_51288d ago

Despite its issues, the crew is a decent game. I just wish it didn't look so bad on the Xbox One.

traumadisaster1287d ago

Crazy thing is visuals on last gen made me go to pc. Here we are next gen and I'm still going to pc for visuals.

Ive updated to 4k. So all multiplats go to pc still...

tastas211288d ago

The crew lol. Gran Turismo is the only racing game.

1288d ago
GreetingsfromCanada1287d ago

Forza is the top dog, from their diverse car selection to their paint job shop.

Rokashi1288d ago

I was looking forward to this game, but now I'm not so sure. Car games are just not hitting that good spot.