Top 7 Reasons Why the Final Fantasy VII PS4 Announcement Isn't That Bad.

Many fans of the seventh entry in the Final Fantasy series are up in arms over Square Enix trolling its fans yet again by not showing the long anticipated remake. Fret not though. Here are seven reasons why the announcement may not be as bad as you might think.

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lipton1011173d ago

Trophies, does it have trophies?!? I'm buying it again to experience with my 3 year old daughter and while I was disappointed that it's not a remake, I am confident we'll be seeing a proper FFVII (or seauel) in the near future. Hopefully square doesn't poop the bed on it. But on the other hand, the company seems so out of touch with its base that some doubts linger.

christian hour1173d ago

My only question is, as someone who bought this game originally on psx, then that miserable original pc port with the midi music, then a true port to psn on ps3 a few years back, will I have to buy this again on ps4? Or will my psn purchase carry over? Seems like it should. Sadly it probably wont. And I am not buying this game again unless its a remake.

Army_of_Darkness1173d ago

problem solved! lol. Simple wasn't it?;-)

GetSomeLoGiK1173d ago

It should have trophies, the PC version did and this is a port of that.

quenomamen1172d ago

If you buying a game just for stupid virtual trophies then having children is not your priority. My 23 year old buddy just had a kid and this fool doesn't even have a steady job, he literally spends all his free time playing video games. I told him straight out he has no business bringing kids into this world. Not saying this is you but after 4 weeks of not talking to me , guess what ? He agreed with me.

lipton1011172d ago

I work a full time job, have a bs and MBA, am a full time dad and made $68,000 this year 2 years out of college. You're describing two very different situations my man.

Dudebro901173d ago

It's not bad, but there was no reason to debut it the way they did.

It should of been a quick announcement .

No reason to bring over a guy from square from Japan

TheRedButterfly1173d ago

Exactly. Bringing one of the best FF's to a console is a plus. But the amount of build-up that announcement had? That was over the top.

Reminds me a lot of the crap that MS pulled with Conker at E3.

PlayableGamez1173d ago

It's not that it was bad. It's just the way they presented it, was bad.

LordMaim1173d ago

Seriously. I was watching the stream, and when I saw the Final Fantasy 7 logo, I actually said "no ****ing way". It didn't take long for my interest to be quashed when the video rolled.

How did anyone think this was a good idea?

GryestOfBluSkies1173d ago

i was there in vegas, and i cant even begin to describe the disappointment i felt when i realized it was a port of the pc game. the faces of the people around me showed that i was far from the only one.

jmc88881173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Well you can already buy it on Steam for cheap. Think I picked it up for like 5.99-7.99 quite a bit ago.

Why does this matter?

It's Final Fantasy VII not Far Cry 4. A budget Best Buy PC from the Bush era will run it.'

Minimum requirements are as follows

OS:Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64bits)
Memory:1 GB RAM
Graphics:DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphic card
Hard Drive:3 GB HD space

So yeah. Any person with an ANCIENT PC has already been able to buy this game, and for cheap as hell, for quite a while.

Thus making any console announcement not really a big deal. Except for the few that don't have some old PC/laptop lying around, which in this age, is pretty much no one.

lipton1011173d ago

I could never see myself playing this on PC. I bought it years ago on steam and didn't even make it to the first boss. To me, FFVII is a PS game first.

kalkano1173d ago

Unmodded, I agree. Modded, PC is FAR superior. Updated graphics, music, and translation.

Godmars2901173d ago

Its insulting. Perhaps in regards to Square and Sony both. They could just as well allowed the PS1 library onto the PS4, but instead there's this one title which will likely cost $15 or more because - somehow - extra effort has gone into a freakin' port.

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