Is the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 Worth $2000?

Hardcore Gamer: We look at recent trends and come to a conclusion on whether or not paying more than retail for a 20th Anniversary PS4 is worth the investment.

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ValKilmer1342d ago

Honestly, as far as value goes, it wasn't even worth $500.

It's a bad investment in my opinion because it's something people won't care about by the time PS5 rolls out.

wiggles1342d ago

I agree with you in terms of it not being a good investment, but I'm sure 10-20 years down the line this will be worth something big to a collector.

xHeavYx1342d ago

I'm sure that the dude who sold it for $20k finds it worth it.

breakpad1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

it is worth only if it had superior build quality (like having metal cover and other metallic decorative details) and it is made in Japan (really anybody knows if it is made in japan?)...and then again only to put it as decoration element in a room

xer01342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

It's a rare collectors item, that i'd pay more than $2000 for, because some people... like me, have more money than they know what to do with.

Forget about sense and logic... it's nice having a disposable income.

And IF I didn't have the cash, i'd happily get a 2nd job to pay for it, just like Ken Kutaragi infamously said, after the launch of PS3.

Other people can't see past blind logic, but this is my personal position on the subject.

ValKilmer1342d ago

You should donate some of that money you "don't know what to do with" to people who need food on their table.

xer01342d ago

I already do bro ;-)

NuggetsOfGod1342d ago

I rather get a $1000 pc than a $2000 1080p 30fps console with a paint job.

Then put $1000 in the bank.

skwidd1342d ago

Lol. Investment? Technology is the worst long term investment. Its good business if you buy it at retail and can sell it for 10x more though. Especially when emotions and hype is high.

breakpad1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

if it had full backward compatibility (all PS consoles) and superior quality components

pivotplease1342d ago

It did have the camera included as well though. I've found it for $40 around here but usually its $65. Was there also a stand included? That's another $20 or something.

Personally hoping they come out with a white camera. I'm also thinking about waiting a few years to see if improved peripherals come out (i.e. the headsets and camera). I already have 3 Dualshocks, so if they come out with ones with improved battery... ugh lol.

No91342d ago

You were the same guy who failed getting one over the weekend right?

rainslacker1342d ago

Yeah because older systems don't often sell for way more than current gen systems....especially the limited edition special ones.

The standard PS4 will probably be cheap one day 20 years from now, but not things like this.

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Eonjay1342d ago

If people are willing to pay that much it must be worth it to them. I mean thats the only logical conclusion. Its literally a collectors item by virtue of the fact that its super limited. That alone will make it worth thousands to people who want to be a member of that ultra exclusive group.

PlayableGamez1342d ago

So spraying painting a PS4 grey makes it more valuable? I can start a business.

Eonjay1342d ago

Obviously it is not worth it to you. You have made your point.

rainslacker1342d ago

It's not a paint job, but since this is officially sanctioned by Sony, and comes packaged as a collector's item, numbered at that, then it will make it more valuable despite being just a PS4.

Being valuable has nothing to do with what what someone assigns a personal value to, but if something consistently sells at a particular price, then that is the market value of it, even though it may not be worth that much to a particular person.

uth111342d ago

remember the value of anything is the value someone places on it. If someone is willing to spend $2000 then it is worth $2000. That's how collector's markets work.

Immorals1342d ago

I think it's butt ugly.. Hated the grey on the original!

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