Top 10 Dead Video Game Genres That Deserve a Comeback in 2015

CraveOnline: "Video games are more diverse now than they ever have been, with the rise of indie gaming and a wider array of consoles meaning that there’s a game for everyone out there.

However, even though there are many different types of games, there are some classic genres that have been overlooked in recent years, and others that are more-or-less dead in the water. "

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Relientk771344d ago

Agree with #1 3D Platformers

Crash, Spyro, Jak & Daxter, etc.

breakpad1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

everything that has Crash as thumbnail take hits..

JonnyBigBoss1344d ago

I miss Crash.

Give him to Sony, Activision!

JimmyDM901344d ago

God I loved Roller Coaster Tycoon back in the day.

That game would actually be perfect for wii u. Just play it with the Wii U pad and a stylus instead of a mouse.

DragoonsScaleLegends1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland was the last good one not the start of the bad ones. I still think Underground 1 and 2 were the best in the series though. Pro Skater HD was worse than all three of those games when it comes to just gameplay.

The greatest thing about the Wii U is that Nintendo still makes 3D Platformers and that's awesome. They also have some of the best 2D Platformers like Super Mario World. I don't even know what Sony or Microsoft have for that genre. I can't think of any except Knack but I don't have that game because of the bad reviews even though I am still interested in it if it's given out for free on PS Plus.

Crash Bandicoot was killed by Activision. I have never played any Crash game except for the PS1 games and I have heard that the ones released by Activision sucked and changed the characters too much. But it would be interesting to see Sony get what their fans think of as a mascot back.

Aberdasher1343d ago

I will never stop asking for a new Tenchu game. Done properly, like the first three games and not like Shadow Assassins. I liked Shadow Assassins for what it was at least, but it didn't come close to the fun I have with the original two games on PS1 and then Wrath of Heaven on PS2.

And if done right, an added multiplayer mode would be amazing (in theory at least) as long as it was not shoehorned in ala Batman Arkham Origins multiplayer. I've always envisioned something similar to Metal Gear Online's Sneaking mode for online Tenchu player, with one person being a ninja and the rest are guards or something.

But ignoring the multiplayer aspect entirely, there is a lot that could be done in a current gen Tenchu game in just the single player.