These See-Through PS4 HDD Covers Might Just Be the Coolest Way to Customize your PlayStation

Sony has been selling HDD covers for the PS4 for a while in Japan, and they just recently started in North America, yet those covers may seem a little gaudy for those who prefer a sleek and clean design.

Strolling Akihabara DualShockers found something that is very possibly the coolest way to customize a PS4.

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Relientk771262d ago

They remind me of the see-through Dualshock 1 and 2 controllers

Abriael1262d ago

speaking of which, I'd kill for a transparent DualShock 4

Relientk771262d ago

Same, Sony needs to bring these back

BlissSeeker1262d ago

Would you kill my doge?? :'(
y u do dis 2 me (;-;)

GameSpawn1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

It may or may not happen. If the controller was transparent there would be light bleed from the lightbar. Though most people never use the lightbar for much it would make situations where it is used (eg. AR Bots) completely non-functional as the camera wouldn't be able to reliably track the controller.

They could possibly still have a transparent controller if the plastic just around the lightbar was opaque and they sealed the LED up enough for light not to bleed out.

Clunkyd1262d ago

Well they already selling the shell by itself.

KidBroSweets21261d ago

I wonder if the light bar affects the color of them at all.

DigitalRaptor1261d ago

I bought the Slate Grey DualShock 3, and it's a gorgeous thing:

bouzebbal1261d ago

so ugly covers..
DS however could be nice.

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Highlife1262d ago

It's like a wet t-shirt contest for nerds.

rainslacker1261d ago

I dunno about ugly, but just doesn't do much to really be cool. All you can see is the cage housings for the hard drive, and whatever sits behind it. No circuit boards or anything can be seen, so seems rather pointless.:(

Arnon1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

I'd buy that black faceplate, open the ps4 and attach white LED circuits to the motherboard that would sit underneath the plate and would have them fade in with "PS4".

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error131261d ago

where is that from, I need that.

troylazlow1261d ago

Reminds me of the see through N64's

Relientk771261d ago

I still want one of those, but theyre expensive and hard to come by


Christopher1261d ago

They're okay, but I'd rather see a more transparent design. And, would like to see it across the whole top and not just over the HDD.

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one2thr1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Seeing that they're see through, I'd like to know how much of the light from the power light shines through the casing giving it some sort of illuminating effect?

BattleTorn1262d ago

That'd be cool if they did.

eklektic1262d ago

Looks like a vcr case from back in the day lol.

nitus101261d ago

If you like the retro vcr look then why don't you get the XB1(80). The PS4 looks more like a DVD/Blu-ray player ... oh wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.