I’ve Never Really Enjoyed A God Of War Game

GeekParty's Alcoholic Luigi: "I’m probably just weird, and I get that. But by the time I had a PS2, God of War 2 had already come out. I rented the first game on Gamefly, and I played for a bit. It’s not that it was a bad game, not really. Obviously people like it, so who am I to say that it was bad?

I just never enjoyed it."

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nX1350d ago

Too bad for you, I freaking love ripping centaurs and cyclopes apart.

Abash1350d ago

The epicness of God of War's battle and atmosphere just make the series amazing for me

Ezz20131350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Noting beats the scale and the boss fights in God of war 3 and Ascension

The last boss fight alone in Ascension was a sight to behold
Have yet to see any game come close to that

also the graphics are out of this world
they are near CGI
also no game do amazing QTE like GOW games

bouzebbal1350d ago

too bad for the writer, i platinumed every single one of them.
One of the best series ever and definitely the best and most intense BTA.
A GOW cannot be enjoyed for the first 5 minutes cause i remember i hated it in the beginning on PS2 the day a friend showed it to me, but it gets much more entertaining when you understand the gameplay mechanics.

breakpad1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

the author has a point neither i could sympathize Kratos (worst character design ever)nor its over simplistic gameplay (pressing O you can beat all the game) nor its lame nihilistic nearly insultive story (Kratos is basically a Di*k )

sourav931350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Let's not forget the music...DAT SCORE!

nix1350d ago

how can anyone hate the game.. i mean i understand if someone hated the slice n dice game but the story and the epicness is what God of War is all about.

and not clicking the link.
just downvoting them.

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same. same.

SolidStoner1350d ago

best god of war for me is first one.. it was one of a kind at that time, those deserts and challenges did a great job.. after that it just became same, but more Epic.. :D but not my kind a game... it went different direction..

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spicelicka1350d ago

I've only play God of war 3 properly, and it's definitely the most epic action game I've ever played. Even if you just play a few select missions you'll get more than enough enjoyment.

3-4-51350d ago

I'm not into them, but I'm glad more are being made, for those of you who enjoy the series.

medman1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

I like God of War, but I didn't start playing the series until the 3rd installment, for many reasons. So the history of the character and the world was a bit lost on me. The thing I think could put people off a bit is it's the type of game that's very easy to pick up and play, mashing buttons can get you a long way in the game. It's only until you start to really understand the combos and tactics the brilliance becomes clear. But I can certainly see both sides of it. My brother used to swear by the series, and I always looked at it and labeled it a button masher before I picked it up and dove in for myself many years later. Now I highly anticipate the next God of War, and have since gone back and completed the other games in the series, with the exception of the handheld ones. By comparison and contrast, I didn't play a Halo game until Halo 3 either. The difference there is that I still don't understand the appeal of Halo, I'm definitely more a Gears of War guy. Halo 3, unlike God of War 3, didn't make me want to go back and experience the previous games at all, it just made me wonder why people found it so entertaining. I'm definitely a single player gamer primarily, so I'm sure that's a huge factor in my not caring for Halo. Rant over.

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ghettosmurf1350d ago

I can relate. I enjoyed the combat mechanics throughout the series, but after the first game I never managed to finish another one, too samey.

nX1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Too samey? Did you play GoW 3 aka the most ridiculously epic journey in video game history? You're missing out man, seriously.
Edit: Here's something to watch

ghettosmurf1350d ago

I played 3, and the wow factor from a cinematic perspective was definitely there. It was keeping me in the game for awhile, but I still grew tired of the combat is all.

Relientk771350d ago

I really like the beginning of God of War 3 where you fight Poseidon. It's just pure epic.

NovusTerminus1350d ago

I love the game, it's not the deepest action game, though it is still really fun. And the scale and battles are amazing.

That said, I hate Kratos, design or characters wise.

Godmars2901350d ago

And I should care why?

Not that anyone has likely been a fan of its QTEs. Just left room for someone to make it more like Devil May Cry, not that anyone did. even by imitation.

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