Is No Man’s Sky Destined for Mediocrity?

Hardcore Gamer: Hype has ruined every AAA title this year, could No Man's Sky be heading in the same direction?

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uth111344d ago

I'm concerned that NMS is all eye-candy, and the space exploration will get old fast. They haven't shown much actual gameplay, just going planet to planet.

Relientk771344d ago

Exactly, I think it looks cool, but honestly all the exploring will get old and I'll get bored of it.

the_dark_one1344d ago

well to be fair they only showed exploration, but they say it as lore and there a meaning for what you are doing. so is not only explortion. they just want to keep it under wraps and not spoil anything

EvilWay1344d ago


Didn't Bungie say that about Destiny??

mikeslemonade1344d ago

Looks like Spore/Afrika/Destiny. I don't understand the hype.

NuggetsOfGod1344d ago

My eye is on this....
Persistent universe!

NMS looks great but might also give people sla seizure.

pivotplease1344d ago

Kind of like a deeper and more complex version of Proteus. Hopefully not.

thorstein1344d ago

Looks like the hate has already started.

Oh well. Too bad really. If anyone buys into the hate instead of investigating the game on their own, they might miss out on an incredible experience.

I expect people to miss out on it in the same way they did Valkyria Chronicles and Demon's Souls. Great experiences missed out because of some lame hateboys don't understand gaming.

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fermcr1344d ago

Visuals and teck for No Man’s Sky look good... but I don't understand all the hype. It's basically going from world to world to explore... with no single player story.

radler1344d ago

The art style is nice, but the visuals and tech in general need a huge amount of improvements before launch. The sheer amount of pop-in during gameplay is hideous to look at and will completely ruin the game unless they find some way of eliminating it, which could be troublesome to do if everything is procedurally generated on the fly.

If they can get the game running smooth and remove pop-in it should be okay, but right now there's so much stuff magically appearing in front of the player that it ruins the entire game.

Orbilator1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Yawn, well I'm glad games are all about the visuals, I was confused there.

uth111344d ago

The hype is that the game is a blank slate that people can project their ideal fantasy Sci-Fi game onto. Then they convince themselves that that is what NMS will deliver.

Which is nothing but a recipe for a huge letdown.

Pogmathoin1344d ago

Exploring is great as long as there are side quests, loot, easter eggs and just fun things to find.... I never got bored of Elite...... Hope this game is similar.... Old school is good enough for me.... I remember a game on Amiga years ago, Damocles..... Now that was a snore fest....

guyman1344d ago

The amount of hate towards anything sony has peaked after ps experience. But I guess haters need to comfort themselves. O my hell @uth, we get the point, you hate the game whilst not understanding anything about it (read gribblegrunger's comment) . This is getting so annoying

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JsonHenry1344d ago

From what I've seen its all very shallow. Large, but shallow. When you've got other open ended space sims like Dangerous:Elite or one that blows it out of the water on every level such as Star Citizen I don't think that NMS will hold up.

UNLESS!!! They add a lot more things to do than what has been shown so far. If they have missions, quests, or eventually some form of multi/co-op/competitive gameplay I can see this game really finding its own place as a more "arcade-y" version of its competition that does everything that NMS does and so much more.

uth111344d ago

They said that there would be no multiplayer at launch, but they do want to add one sometime..

So basically you will get a universe for yourself so big that you could not explore the whole thing in 100 lifetimes. It doesn't add up.

souga_houjou_jin1344d ago

And u think everyone will run and go buy star citizen ?

Only those with monstrous pc will go buy this

No mans sky will sale more than SC will ever be

JsonHenry1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Well, StarCitizen has already sold a lot. Like $60million+ a lot. So no, I doubt No Man's Sky will ever see that type of reception or income. And yes I believe people will go out and buy the game because they already have by the hundreds of thousands. And that is just the people investing in the game. Not counting the people that didn't buy in early but will buy the game once its finished.

And it is 'sell'. Not "sale". Also- It doesn't take a super high end PC to run the game. It just scales well for those that have higher end PCs so they're getting more for their investments.

GribbleGrunger1344d ago

The aim of the game (if you choose to follow it) is to travel to the centre of the universe. There's something there but it's a mystery.

To get there you'll need to upgrade your equipment and your ship. Equipment because some planets are more acidic or poisonous than others and your ship because you need hyperdrive to reach certain areas. Once you've opened a portal you can travel between points and even teleport to locations you have never seen before.

During your time on a planet, you have to be very careful of the wildlife. Some of the wildlife is friendly but some is less than friendly and make short work of you if you haven't upgraded your weapons sufficiently. Be careful how many creatures you kill though, the robot guardians hunt you down if you overstep the mark

You will need to investigate every nook and cranny of the planet you're on for the materials to upgrade or sell to the many merchants who live on space stations or visit planets. You can take what you want by force but that will lead to you having a bounty on your head and so the police also become your enemy, attacking you if you approach a space station or just happen upon them while travelling. It's best to earn the money required by doing some of the tasks available such as protecting a fleet of ships to its destination.

As you get closer to the centre of the universe, the animals and environments become more hostile and the beasts become more primeval, meaning you have to make sure your equipment is adequate for the journey.

killagram1344d ago

Well said GribbleGrunger. Have you been following the development diaries or do you have other insight into this game?

GribbleGrunger1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Just following what has been said so far. I have a very clear view of how this game plays and what that gameplay involves and I really can't understand the confusion.

ZeroX98761344d ago

If project morpheus support was added to the project eventually, the exploration from planet to planet would be phenomenal!

3-4-51344d ago

* It will get old after a while.


* 5-10 months later, you can start playing again and discover more new stuff.

* Whenever you get an urge to play a game like No Man's Sky, you can just put in NMS instead of having to find a new game.

There is so much potential variation that it would be like it's own sequel or expansion pack....but x100.

EX: I play Rayman Origins....5 months later I want another platformer, but I'm already burnt out on Rayman I look around for other games.

^ With NMS, you can just pop that same game back in and discover all new content.

THAT is the thing I don't see anybody discussing at all.

RaptorGTA1344d ago


Star Citizen looks awesome but what is shown in that video is all on rails till the land. The A.I. flies the ship to its parking area. Then from their players enter the main hub to join other players. Though we're suppose to be able to explore worlds eventually..but SC is a few years away from being released. Another game to note is Elite: Dangerous. Elite releases this month but being able to land on planets is also a few years away.

assdan1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

It's sounding like there's a lot more to do than just explore based one what I've been hearing, but I am slightly concerned. I'm just worried that this game might be too ambitious for what technology can do right now. But here's the thing, saying a couple hyped games weren't as good as we thought is hardly a real reason. I haven't heard anything so far that's cause for concern, where I saw it with every other game mentioned.

Harold_Finch1344d ago

I have that feeling towards Evolve, one monster will not have the staying power of say...zombies.

1344d ago
BlissSeeker1344d ago

I heard that if you kill the inhabitants of planets this robotic "space police" will come after you. Sounds fun but don't quote me on it! :D

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DERKADER1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

We've seen tons of awesome in-game footage but lets see some game play mechanics in action.

AngelicIceDiamond1344d ago

I wanna see Gameplay and what the biggest challenge in the game it. As well as some possible story as well.

Pandamobile1344d ago

Isn't the game mainly about exploration? I doubt there's going to be much of a story. It's being made by a 5 person team.

AngelicIceDiamond1344d ago

Hmm an exploration simulator doesn't sound bad actually.

Yeah there probably won't be any story just maybe some text or narrative elements.

Which is probably necessary for a game of this type.

DERKADER1344d ago

Not expecting a story but would like to see some player interaction of some kind.

JonnyBigBoss1344d ago

I don't see the point of it.

ValKilmer1344d ago

It worries me that they're too ambitious. I think they think they can finish this game and make it everything promised, but when push comes to shove, I'm worried we'll see the indie equivalent of what Destiny turned out to be.

CorndogBurglar1344d ago

Turn out to be what Destiny is?

So a game that millions of people love and play daily even after being out for over 3 months?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Arm chair developers. Pay them no mind. They are worse than reviewers who don't finish a game before reviewing it.

gangsta_red1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

It looks good and I like the idea and I am definitely excited for it...but I am concerned that nothing else has been shown over even explained.

I mean exploring is fun...but I'm sure after your 9th planet of seeing animals you'll start to say okay, that's what?

They should explain more of the space battles and dog fights...maybe even explain the updates to your ship.

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