Every Tomb Raider Game Ever, from Worst to Best

GamesRadar - Lara Croft appeared on Sega Saturn in 1996, and blew everyone away. The technology powering her first adventure is painfully primitive by today's standards. Famously, outside of the pre-rendered cutscenes, her hair is short because her long, braided ponytail proved too much for the game to render properly. Nonetheless, her first outing captured gamers' imaginations, and so there was a sequel. And another. And another.

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dillhole1263d ago

The original was hard, made you think, had real puzzles, real challenges, you really had to concentrate and think about what you were doing. From this difficulty, and lack of immediate backstory there was an atmosphere surrounded in mystery. It's amazing how a game could improve so much cosmetically yet lose so much in terms of challenge. The recent installment "Tomb Raider" was just like pretty much any story driven game these days, it played itself, sure there were a few tricky bits along the way, but it really didn't want you to get stuck at any point otherwise you might stop playing. I must be in the minority, but getting stuck in a game is a challenge and that is what keeps me interested.

AliTheSnake11263d ago

The original was actually pretty easy. The only reason you think it was hard is because it was a new kind of controls and you probably played it when you were way younger.

sweendog1262d ago

Yeah the first one was really easy. Spent most of my time doing cart wheels around bears off loading ammo into them. As long as you kept moving you never got hit

KiRBY30001262d ago

i wonder why you get the disagrees. the original Tomb Raider had one of the most mysterious atmosphere i've seen in a game ever. the loneliness, the rare encounters of the wild life, the silence, followed with epic pieces of music here and there... the echos of waterdrops in those giant caves...

the feeling of going places forgotten by mankind. it was special and unique. it wasnt focused on combat like 95% of games are today. you had to think, be logical, observe your environment to figure out how to progress.

the original Tomb Raider also came up with the 3rd person camera being placed behind the character, it was quite a revolution at the time, on top of exploring those huge areas.

im so glad i played this gem back then. a true classic. i mean, getting to a new zone and hearing this music, i was in awe.

the recent reboot could have been so much better. it was a decent 3rd person shooter but it didnt capture the spirit of the original at all. they made it too generic.

Doghead1262d ago

That was what made Tomb raider. Now it has just become an uncharted game

Matt6661262d ago

The Tomb raiders on PS1 are still the best ones to date

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Fizzler1263d ago

There's more than one tomb raider game?

medman1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

You no funny. You no right in head. Anyway, my personal favorite is Tomb Raider 2, but that may be nostalgia talking. If I tried to play it today, I might think it shockingly awful, who knows.

chikane1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

my favorite in order tr 3-2-1-underworld-4.. Worst i played legend. anniversary and i guess you can add the fake tr 2013. last have never played tr5 or angel of darkness

Vanfernal1263d ago

The worst one is the one I can't play because of a stupid exclusivity clause. -_-

NegativeCreep4271262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Why would you be upset about that??? Remember: Microsoft didn't make "console exclusivity" ugly...Sony did. /s

LOL it's all bs, I know.

TheRedButterfly1262d ago

So... TR2 if you're a Sega Saturn owner? #doyourresearch

-Foxtrot1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

LOL...the Reboot is first are you kidding me

It's a good game on it's own but best TOMB RAIDER, just no. There's hardly anything in the game which makes you think "Gee this is a great TOMB RAIDER game" as it lacks most things which made up past TR games.

"What a game. What an utterly sensational game. Easily in the same league as Uncharted 2"

Not even close.

Really can't believe the first three TR games aren't in the top three. Legends, Anniversary, Underworld, Temple or Osiris and Guardian of Light before them (sigh)

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