Four things that need fixing to secure the future of the web

Ars Technica: "The OpenAjax Alliance, an industry group that aims to advance emerging web standards, is assembling a list of the functionality that its members desire to enable next-generation web application development. The organization is calling for participants to vote on their favorite features and discuss the best strategies for encouraging their widespread implementation.

Modern web services are rapidly carving a space alongside conventional desktop applications, but the underlying technologies that power the web haven't always evolved fast enough to keep up. This disparity has burdened web application developers with limitations that stifle innovation and prevent the Internet from achieving its full potential. Pushing the web forward is a difficult challenge because the need for interoperability implies a need for broad consensus among the major stakeholders. The OpenAjax Alliance could build some much-needed forward momentum around standardization efforts by helping web developers articulate their collective requirements.

We have taken a close look at the list of features that are on the ballot and we see a lot of really good stuff. The list, which ranges from security features to aesthetic improvements, is a promising roadmap for untangling the web. Although there are simply too many items on the list to address in a single article, we want to highlight a few that are particularly intriguing."

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