Why "Milking" Gamers With DLC Is Dangerous, According to Take-Two

President Karl Slatoff says it's of paramount importance that players see the value in what's being offered to them.

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Massacred1343d ago

See this is why everyone like Take 2 over almost every other major publisher. I'm looking at you Activision, Ubisoft, Capcom, Square and EA

IWentBrokeForGaming1343d ago

People on here were complaining of the cost of games possibly going above $60 this gen... And most fools don't realise with DLC... The price of FULL games has indeed gone up! I'm not blind!

martinezjesus19931343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Considering dlc has been around for a while, games have been over 60 for a while then, according to your logic? No one is forcing you to buy the dlc you know

VicodinViking1343d ago

I think Take Two would know a little something about milking gamers.

Re-hashed shit from last gen and all.

VicodinViking1343d ago

Truth hurts the little Rockstar fanboys.

aLucidMind1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

So releasing a game cross-generation is milking? Guess Far Cry 4, Dragon Age Inquisition, The Evil Within, among several others must be getting milked as well. And before anyone claims it is milking because of a one-year gap, there are files within the PS3 and XBox 360 versions that made it abundantly clear that Rockstar planned on making PS4 and XBox One versions of GTA5 and that it was a matter of time before they released them.

Releasing games cross-gen is milking. In addition, releasing a game when it is finished is also milking. Just a heads up, this isn't coming from a "fanboy"; I enjoy their games, yes, but I hardly ignore the idiotic BS that Rockstar and all other companies do.

Highlife1343d ago

Yes its milking. If they were always planning on releasing a ps4 and xbox one version they should have said so from the get go and not made people rebuy the game. They wanted the sales and milked the next remaster.

aLucidMind1342d ago

They didn't make anyone buy anything. It was planned and fans were asking for it before the last gen versions even released and even more so after those files were discovered. So a company wants money and does what it's fans want in a non-conflicting manner, that is basic business not milking.

The cash cards vs earning money through gameplay is another story, however.

linkenski1342d ago

Re-hashed, as in, GTA V with better performance, PC edition, slicker visuals and a well-designed FPS-mode? Um, being a re-hash that's a pretty darn great re-hash methinks.

Donnywho1343d ago

Money Packs are the ultimate milking though.

aLucidMind1343d ago

Especially when the only way to make anywhere close to $1,000,000 is to play the game for days on end or spend $20. While the argument that you can just play the game is valid, it still takes way too long for just playing the game to offset the "need" to buy those damned packs.

Kane221343d ago

i guess take two forgot about how 2k did wwe 2k15......a season pass that doesn't include all dlc....putting a single wrestler behind a $25 paywall.....

1343d ago