5 Reasons Why You Need an Amiibo

All Your Amiibo are Belong to us

Amiibo have been out in stores for a short period of time already, yet all consumers aren't sure of what exactly an Amiibo does. In a recent survey we've been running with hundreds of individuals on a general gaming website, well over 60% replied that they simply didn't know what an Amiibo was. This is problematic for Nintendo. Their potential buyers are simply unaware that their largest holiday push this year even exists, which rules them out from even considering making a purchase.

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TXIDarkAvenger1289d ago

I hate the fact that a lot of them are rumored to be discontinued. I mean I'd like to think Nintendo would meet the popular demand of the consumers by producing more not none.

Prof_Clayton1289d ago

I feel the same way. Nintendo will hopefully come to their senses and keep replenishing stock over time as they sell out. Because a lot of people will buy a WiiU this year and want an Amiibo but they'll possibly be sold out by then.

darthv721289d ago

Well the discontinued ones would tend to be the less popular ones. They arent going to discontinue the popular ones.

do you really think people would buy the villager or the wii fit trainer over the likes of mario, samus and link?

MNGamer-N1288d ago

I would... eventually. But your right, Mario Samus, Link and Kirby are the ones I'm getting first. Oh and I guess Shulk. I just pre-ordered that today.

Magicite1288d ago

why would anyone need a plastic toy?

Summons751288d ago

One reason I lost complete interest...

They are discontinuing some for the sake of them being rare, as if some of them aren't hard enough to find already.

zugdar1288d ago

Its about store shelf space. Stores would never have open space for enough stock for 40 figures. So some are going to get phased out to make space for others. N could release them in a broader window which would help supply but I'm sure they don't want a ton of surplus either given past profit reports.

Summons751288d ago

Stores could have plenty of space, that's BS. You say they wouldn't hold 40 figures but that doesn't stop them from having 40+ Skylanders and Disney Infinity each. There is also keeping them in back stock or just having them under one skew and send stores a random assortment each shipment. That would make some rare without telling people they are screwed if they don't buy them day 1.

TripC501288d ago

If I were to get them I'd get every single one and keep them sealed away then sell them in 50 years.

jayzablade1288d ago

I'm still not sold on the idea yet!
I'm gonna hold off for a bit and see what implementations future games have in store

1288d ago
BattleAxe1288d ago

If you're an Amiibo fan, then I feel bad for you son, cause I've got 99 problems, but buying Amiibos aren't one.