Game of the Year winner, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and more get big discounts

Dragon Age: Inquisition, the winner of The Game Awards' Game of the Year, has received a big price drop to $39.99 on the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3. Also included are deals for other notable releases on other platforms.

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zeal0us1319d ago

PC version is $5 more :(


Bathyj1319d ago

A game published by EA winning Game of the Year?

Its one of the Seven Signs of the Apocalypse, mark my words people.

Well, I guess, they didnt develope it. Well dont Bioware.

001319d ago

that's because they paid for the win.

everything about the game screams amateur hour about it.

shloobmm31318d ago

The game is fantastic. I am just under 50 hours in and it is easily one of the best games of 2014.

Shnazzyone1319d ago

Haven't plaid it yet but I dunno, Surprised it didn't go to any of nintendo's massive releases this year.

Sashamaz1319d ago

Why do people differentiate between EA and Bioware, as if they are two different companies partnering with one another. EA owns Bioware just because they don't have the name EA on there does not change anything, when EA opened sledge hammer games it did not suddenly become a different company on it's own it is still an EA owned company.

In short what I an saying is EA is Bioware and vice versa.

lfc_4eva1318d ago

While I agree with the sentiment of your post, I feel as though they are separate entities that are working towards the same goal but have different approaches to how they get there. So to me they are not the same thing.

SilentNegotiator1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Saying that Bioware isn't EA is like saying, "my hands are a completely separate person"

edit: I meant to hit agree.

shloobmm31318d ago

I believe Activision owns sledgehammer games not EA.

Sashamaz1318d ago

@shloobmm3 Woops thanks for that, meant to say Visceral Games I remember one of the co founders of Visceral Games left EA to open Sledgehammer ended up getting the two confused, thank you for the correction.

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MNGamer-N1319d ago

AWESOME POST, thank you. Just got this game, it sits unopened. Returning it to the store, and buying this Amazon, going to save 20 bucks. So, I guess I'll also pick up the Evil Within, and Wolfenstein, $24.99 each. Merry Christmas to me!

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The story is too old to be commented.