Bah Humbug, Destiny's 'The Dark Below' Expansion Takes Away More Than it Gives

COG writes - Bungie puts a damper on the Christmas spirit as their recently released Destiny expansion, The Dark Below, seriously punishes players who choose not to buy into it.We get it, video games are money makers, but there's no need to be such a Scrooge about it.

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OmegaShen1349d ago

Look, a no name site crying over Destiny. Yeah, alot of people are happy with just getting the raid.

WeAreLegion1349d ago

I will defend my northern friends here and say I quite enjoy Canadian Online Gamers. They have been publishing quality content for awhile now. Much better than most of the sites popping up on here.


Digital_Anomaly1349d ago

Thanks bruh!

Love, your favourite beer swillin', hockey playin', bacon lovin', maple syrup eatin' Canadians!

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OmegaShen1349d ago

OCanada, still doesn't change the fact people are happy to get a new raid and others are just crying because their babies.

Digital_Anomaly1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Let me defend my 'no name' site.

We're 20 or so people who don't make a damn penny (actually it costs us money) who write about video games because we love them. We try to be as honest and objective as possible at all times. We don't cater to publishers. We also don't expect everyone to agree with every opinion article we produce, that would be ridiculous. We treat everyone who comes to our site with respect, we appreciate every single click and comment.

You can disagree with what Brian had to say on his article, that's cool, but to flat out insult us makes you look bad not us. Honestly, we're not trying to be IGN or Polygon! Just a site made by gamers like you who want to have fun. No more, no less.

Video games are supposed to be fun and we try to have fun writing about them.

Skate-AK1349d ago

Bubz for keeping it real.

OmegaShen1347d ago

Then write something good, not the same trash that other sites are writing to get people.

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jebabcock1349d ago

I think alot more people are unhappy with the gimping in all honesty...

darkhitman1349d ago

mean while over in the "dead" MMOFPS Dust 514 there was a very successful update deployed and development road map published.

I know its not relevant but I like the game so i'm going to give it a plug

WeAreLegion1349d ago

Excellent game that I wish they would bring over to the PS4.

CorndogBurglar1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Before I say this, I want to make something clear. I'm not defending Bungie or Activision. I own the DLC and even I can admit that keeping people from playing the weekly and nightfall is wrong. As well as removing the rewards from the lvl 24 Tiger Strike and placing them in the lvl 26 Tiger Strikes, which are only available to DLC owners. I fully realize how bad that is and don't agree with it.

They should have created two separate weekly and nightfall playlists for when the strike of the week was a DLC one. They also should have just added an extra engram to the lvl 26 Tiger Strike instead of removing one from the lvl 24 Strike.

But my question is this: What exactly is the thought process for people that didn't buy the DLC? People knew since before launch that this game would have Expansions. They also knew that these expansions would add new things, and help expand the overall experience and content.

Destiny is not the first game to do this. So I guess I'm just wondering what people are thinking. They are obviously still playing the game or else they wouldn't be mad. So they obviously like Destiny. When i know a game like this is coming out, I also know that I will be buying the expansions as long as I am still playing the game. I do it for Diablo. I do it for StarCraft, Warcraft (not WoW, never played that), Battlefield and so on. But my point is, I KNEW these things would be coming out.

So again, I have to wonder, why would people that are still playing Destiny NOT buy the expansion? Aside from affordability. I can understand that. But any other reasons? Just curious.

UnHoly_One1349d ago

Some people probably don't want to support them because it is pretty obvious that the DLC's were stripped out to make extra money, and the base game is made worse for it.

CorndogBurglar1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

But they are still playing a base game that will never get any better if they don't get the updates. Thats what I don't understand. I would think that if they didn't like the idea of the expansions, then they wouldn't still be playing the game.

UnHoly_One1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Yeah I don't know, just an idea.

You have to take into consideration total play time.

There are the people like me that played non-stop and had multiple level 28's inside of a couple weeks, but I also have a friend who has been playing as much as time allows him since launch day, and just hit 29 yesterday by buying new armor that they released with the expansion.

So the players that don't get the opportunity to play as much might not think they need to buy an expansion.

jmc88881349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

I liked Destiny...when it released.

There were legitimate gripes, but it was still fun. There was hope of added free content as well.

As I said in a post yesterday, I thought the DLC/season pass was going to be a no brainer.

So what changed? TONS.

For one, at that time, I didn't know I'd have to find people to play the game. In the beginning everybody was messaging and joining fireteams with everyone. I clicked on some thing and it automatically matched me with other people. If I wanted to have a fire team, I could and we could do it, but it was optional.

Later on they completely changed that. Now everyone has their crew or not and it's segregated. Most of the people I initially friended have moved on, and I can't find anyone to play those higher level stuff. On top of that even if I had more friends playing, most of them would want to be doing other stuff. Even when I was in fireteams, I rarely played the things I wanted to play. Matchmaking is NEEDED. This forced crap destroys the game for many, including myself. I also don't want to be forced to play a ton of stuff I've already done or gotten the stuff for just in the hopes that a few hours later we can try the strike I initially joined the fireteam for. That's complete crap.

I understand maybe the first couple of weeks not having matchmaking, but c'mon Bungie, after awhile, let people have matchmaking on these things.

I'm sick and tired of trying to solo everything. Then what do they do? Not add matchmaking, but change the rules of soloing so that's it's HARDER. Thanks ****nut Bungie.

So if you can't play the limited strikes, what do you do? Farm resources...resources they've now all changed up.

Now they take away the strikes? So what am I buying really if I get the DLC? More solo strikes that they'll never add matchmaking?

I still haven't even TRIED the vault of glass yet.

I was 'this' close to having my guy at lvl28 and have my gold weapon all upgraded, and now they completely switch it off.

What good is the grind, when they then make it completely irrelevant?

Besides the fact that so much of the stuff you work for is worthless. Oh you mean get 200 marks so I can get a purple weapon? What the hell do I use my glimmer for other then ammo refills? Constantly at 25,000 max.

So many shops, with almost nothing worth purchasing.

Why have matchmaking on SOME, but not ALL the strikes?

Now they add various barriers to keep the people at the top more segregated from those moving up. Great work morons.

So yes, the gunplay and ambiance is fun, and there is a really good game in here somewhere, alongside BUNGIE's IDIOTIC DECISIONS that bring it down, and half-assed developed game which they seemingly still haven't figured it out what the hell the game is.

All these changes scream that they don't know WHERE they want to take the game, and I for one don't want to pay more for a game, just to grind, where they will decide on a whim to destroy everything I grinded for.

They are making it up as the go, and have no plan, and we are all the guinea pigs getting screwed over as they figure it out.

UnHoly_One1349d ago

Agreed on all points.

I totally loved the game at first. Bought the digital guardian edition, even.

After seeing the lack of content, questionable design, and boneheaded changes since launch, I have zero desire to play the expansions, and will likely never play the game again at all.

Biggest disappointment ever.

Orpheo1349d ago

Agree with both jmc & UnHoly.

While repetitive, "Destiny" had potential. The foundation of this game is solid and really fun to play, but due to all these horrible decisions Bungie (or Activision) has been making I just can't invest anymore time in it anymore.

Like UnHoly, I also purchased the digital guardian edition and thus own both DLC expansions. I actually uninstalled everything a few days before The Dark Below dropped due to all this idiocy with resetting exotics and everything I've read since has only served to convince me that I made the right decision in getting out when I did.

I wanted "Destiny" to succeed, i still do, but Bungie (or Activision) is destroying it. I've posted on their forums but it doesn't seem that they understand why people are so upset despite many people rephrasing the same complaints in multiple ways. The only other way I know to try getting through to Bungie (or Activision) is with time & money. I refuse to invest any more time in "Destiny" with the way things are headed. I also refuse to give them any more of my money for future DLC or sequels in the franchise.

Bungie, Activision, and other potentially inspired companies need learn that this kind of behavior is inexcusable and that we as gamers won't put up with it. I know it's hard Guardians but stand your ground, the Darkness flows freely through the halls of Bungie (or Activision) and it is up to us, as Guardians of the Light, to abstain from interacting with the work provided by their unfair and possibly shady practices.

Hold_It1349d ago

Finally someone who won't defend a terrible company who released a $60 scam.

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