AMD Catalyst Omega Driver Close Look: Virtual Super Resolution, Fluid Motion Video, and More

Gameranx takes a close look at what the AMD Catalyst Omega Driver has to offer.

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AMD is back. now just fix crossfire for new games like Ryse and Far Cry 4 and im good.

Wizard_King1197d ago

How about releasing a CPU that doesn't suck AMD? huh...

Or hows about a GPU that doesn't suck more power that a 2.5hp air-conditioner, or for that matter a GPU that runs quieter than a 2.5hp air-conditioner?

If AMD ever again make a CPU to compete with Intels high end i'll eat my socks, but sadly I don'y think it will ever happen.


I used to love AMD, I have 3 full AMD legacy rigs around at home.

RedDeadLB1197d ago

An 8 months too late response to Nvidia's 337.50 drivers, I'm afraid. It's a good thing, by all means, but they should put a little more effort into their driver support.

I've had more ATI/AMD cards in my life than Nvidia cards, but I've also had a lot more trouble with AMD/ATI cards.

My GTX 760 runs like a Swiss watch. My HD7850, however.. I'm glad I got rid of it.