Black Tusk Studios ; Something Exciting coming to the Gears Community

According to a tweet posted by new Gears of Wars developer, Black Tusk Studios, something exciting is coming for Gears of Wars 3 fans.

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rmw2hot871345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

if they announce a xbox one version of gears 3 or a gears of war collection for xbox one i will cry in tears of joy. gears of war is my favorite gaming franchise

ScarzFX1344d ago

Lets pray to the locust queen bro

Sonital1343d ago

I didn't play any of them so me too!!

gangsta_red1344d ago

To the Gears 3 community? Hmmmm, why so specific?

I was wondering about the Gears Collection everyone on here keeps alluding too. I would love to have a Gears for X1 with all three games, with co-op, remastered, upgraded and ever map available for all modes including Horde!

Not to mention maybe throw in a bonus and throw in SOME elements from Judgement in the multiplayer...SOME!

ScarzFX1344d ago

Its has be a GOW collection on xbox one (or maybe just a gears 3 remaster). They must know that by making this kind of statement, people will only think it means a gears remaster for xbox one of some sort and I doubt they'd want to raise hopes only to let us down with a new playist on the x360 version of gears 3.

WitWolfy1344d ago

What that their actually gonna show us some footage???? I mean FFS this game was announced more or less the same time as Uncharted 4 and STILL no footage??? WTF man...

MS studios be like... "We announce that we have big announcements coming soon.. So we're actually not announcing anything really, just that we still exist and we're planning on announcing something in the near future... 2016... MAYBE!"

Septic1344d ago

Errr actually no. The I.P's acquisition was only announced earlier this year from Epic. Now you want them to churn out a trailer in less than a year?

WitWolfy1344d ago

Black Tusk were announced as the developer back in Jan dude.. Same time they announced Uncharted 4. go figure.

Septic1344d ago

"Black Tusk were announced as the developer back in Jan dude.. Same time they announced Uncharted 4. go figure."

Mate, you've just re-stated what I said in reply to you.

Announcing a game as opposed to announcing that a development outfit is TAKING OVER a franchise are two very different things.

Ausbo1344d ago

I guess you just don't understand. Uncharted 4 was announced around then yes, but they had been working on the game for years already.

Black tusk started working on the game this year. There has been no game announcement yet. The only announcement they had was that they acquired the IP

Sevir1344d ago

As far as we know, Black Tusk was Working on a new up that has since been placed on hold because Microsoft acquired the Gears IP from epic and started working on a new game in that franchise... Uncharted 4 was announced in Nov 2013 on the day the Playstation 4 launched, and they've been working on that game since at least January 2013 when the PS4 was announced. There is no way Black risk would have anything to show currently with them only acquiring the Gears up this year. They were farther along with their new up than gears...

Kal0psia1343d ago

Black Tusk barely started on Gears, before that they were kinda up there looking for projects to work on. If anything Halo would be on the same time scale as Uncharted and why both have somwhat gameplays of either.

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mxguy931344d ago

Next gears better not end up like judgment. Or I give up on that series,like I did with halo after 4

Chanogram1344d ago

Your loss on both. Judgement wasn't terrible, and Halo 4 was far from terrible. I doubt either series will miss you though.

GetSomeLoGiK1344d ago

Judgement was terrible. It was a slap in the face to all the hardcore gears fan including me. Campaign was ok but the multiplayer was complete garbage. They pretty much turned it into CoD with grenades on spawn and only one primary with a pistol. Also it was CoG vs CoG, they took out locusts for some stupid reason. No downs so no executions, etc etc. I could go on and on about how terrible judgement was but I just want to forget it all together :(

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