What’s The Word? Most Overrated Game

Welcome to another edition of What’s the Word?! This week Rob asks a question that has not only been on his mind for quite a while, but is also one hell of a question worth asking. It seems today that anyone would be crucified on the internet for any negative comments on something that someone else likes. He just wants to thank the brave souls who have helped contribute to this weeks article and hopefully do not come under too much scrutiny. Enjoy reading what the fine people from all over have to say about their most overrated game and guys, keep the hate mail down to a minimum.

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jambola1319d ago

which ever game is the most popular obviously,
whenever a game is loved my many, a lot of people who don't like it will call it overrated, so of course the game with the most love will be the game that will be call ed the most overrated.

thorstein1319d ago

This is so lame. This is all people do: Claim a game is overhyped. You're a hateboy. Welcome to not very exclusive company.

Actually, far more rare, are people that defend the games stating (and often restating) exactly what the Dev promised.

In reality, the critiques of games are so far off base because most of the time the "overrated" hateboy article is so chock full of misinformation and fabrications. Articles like this one and all the "Game X is Overrated" are nothing more than sensationalist written by hacks that don't understand journalism.