5 Ways the Videogame Industry is Killing Itself

Gizorama explains the top five ways the videogame industry is collapsing in on itself.

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TXIDarkAvenger1342d ago

Yeah maybe spec wise not a huge difference between the two consoles but beyond that they are very different. If one of them didn't exist that would be killing the industry because there would be no competition and no reason to further have more innovative consoles.

Telltale episodic games are some of the best games I've ever played. In no way are they garbage even if you didn't like them, they are far from being trash games. "By allowing consumers to become complacent with just watching a videogame". Well you might as well add streaming and videos to that list.

2_guinea_pigs_review1342d ago

Streaming and videos are the forefathers of that list. Games are doing what they shouldn't in joining videos and streaming. But hey, if you'd rather spectate instead of play, that's all you.

Mega241342d ago

Not exactly true, I bought Dragon Age Inquisition because a Streamer I follow was playing it early, CohhCarnage, which led me to buy it, because it was nothing like DA2. I search for videos and streams on games I'm on the fence to get.

lsujester1342d ago

While there are some good points, specifically about some companies abusing DLC and others releasing very broken games, I can't take this article seriously when pretty much the sole reason for #3 is that he hates games from Telltale. Makes the article come off as a spoiled, petulent child crying because the industry doesn't give him exactly what he wants it to.

There have always been point-and-click and other similar styles games where they're not as interactive. Myst, Escape from Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, the list goes on... and guess what? Here we are decades in the industry's life and it's still going just fine.

One of the truly great things about gaming is that there is diversity for all the different tastes. Frankly, not everyone wants to play GTA, Halo, COD, etc. Not everyone wants to be that "busy" while playing. Sometimes I myself really love a game where I can relax and have my decisions influence the story that plays out.

GokuSolosAll1342d ago

On-disc FLC is inexcusable and day-1 is extremely suspicious. Microtransactions are dangerous, too. Overall, DLC should be reserved for episodic titles and true expansions, with sone exceptions. In concept, DLC is great, but devs abuse it.

Tex1171342d ago

But they abuse it because us comsumers allow them to.

Talgrath1342d ago

Let me run down the list and tell you why the article is wrong.

5. Consoles being the same isn't the end of the industry, it's possibly the end of the console industry but not video games on the whole. If consoles go away, there's still a vibrant world of PC and mobile gaming.

4. No doubt, bad DLC is bad, but I'd point out that the author is exaggerating a lot here. If you cut out the catwoman DLC from Arkham City, you're missing...roughly five missions and some collectibles, I spent maybe three hours as Catwoman and something like thirty as Batman. The most recent study done (in 2011) on DLC found that 49% of console owners didn't buy any DLC whatsoever. Generally speaking, I've found gamers will only buy DLC for games that are good, and even then only DLC that sounds appealing to them. People aren't purchase robots.

3. Yeah, you can go fuck yourself. I'm not a huge fan of Telltale's game style, but this isn't the apocalypse; games similar in nature have been around for decades and haven't caused a collapse. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean they are bad.

2. The flood of indie games is bad, but it's a fad and it will fade; even if every indie game disappeared tomorrow you've still got a very large number of publishers putting out scads of games.

1. Unity was released broken, their sales suffered for it. Chances are good the next game people will be even more wary of pre-orders. Unfinished games have been released for pretty much the entire history of the industry, it hasn't killed the industry yet.

Look, ever since the first crash people have been predicting another industry crash. Every year we hear people shouting that the industry is going to crash, every year it turns out that things worked out just fine. There will be ups and downs, but a major collapse of the industry is unlikely. And here's the thing, the initial "crash" didn't kill video games, not even close; PC games were still going strong, and video game arcades were still popular, it just killed consoles. Relax, buy the games you enjoy and things will turn out okay.

2_guinea_pigs_review1342d ago

I personally enjoy your response to #3

FaSCoRP1342d ago

What are you talking about #1 ? Unity is a game engine.

Talgrath1342d ago

Assassin's Creed: Unity (which is referenced in the article).

Kingdomcome2471342d ago

I want whatever SKUs this guy has that are pushing out 4k graphics.

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