Killzone: Shadow Fall's latest update introduces a new in-game currency

A new in-game currency has been introduced to Killzone: Shadow Fall that allows players to unlock new customisation items for use in the game's multiplayer.

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BABY-JEDI1319d ago

Well that is pretty awesome. GG just get more amazing by the minute
; )

madmonkey011319d ago

thats the sort of thing thats normally in a game from the start, its nice to see new features being added even a year after release, but i hope it doesn't come at the expense of new game development from them,

Aghashie1319d ago

Valor currency was already on Killzone game for Vita. That added some nice replayability to the game. It surprised me that it was not implemented from the start on PS4 game.

Is good for Killzone fans (me included) to see GG supporting the game. New features always add a new layer of fun to that game we feel we already know, making fans return for more.

Can't wait to see the what's next game from them.

masterjapes1319d ago

I just got the game. Are there still people playing multiplayer?

Maddens Raiders1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I've played KZ's 1 through Shadow Fall incessantly for years. I loved the Shadow Fall SP and have played a fair share of MP but BF4 currently has me in its grips due to the wide variety of vehicles available. KZ still leads by miles in the graphics dept. I can tell you though that I still see a lot of mates paying KZ on my list so the answer is yes.

OculusRift1319d ago

Your response was so irrelevant. What did any of that have to do with his question? To answer the original question, yes there still a lot of people still playing Killzone Shadowfall.

Qrphe1319d ago

Yes, specially a lot more since yesterday

BladerunnerZX1318d ago

This is why I love Sonys first party developers like Naughty Dog and GG because they continue to support their games long after the release date.
Naughty Dog even released all the multiplayer maps for Uncharted 3 for free.