Criterion talks EA’s new, open mindset: ‘Let’s shake things up’

EA has had its struggles in the past with launching games a bit too early, but they seem to have learned their lesson in that regard. Coupled with that knowledge is the fact that the company is trying to be more transparent with gamers and the games currently in development at EA. Just look at how open they've been about Star Wars: Battlefront, the next Mass Effect and of course, Criterion's new game.

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NarooN1263d ago

I just want a new Burnout... One with the style and design mythos of Burnout 3, preferably. Hell, I'd settle for a Burnout 3 HD Remaster complete with functioning online play.

1263d ago
Immorals1263d ago

I would love that, I still play revenge on my 360!

Paradise was my biggest disappointment last generation :(

Spenok1263d ago

You sir, are crazy if you think Burnout Paradise was a disappointment! That's some of the most fun in a Racer I had last gen. But then again. I don't really play racing games. However, that's your opinion, and this was mine. ;)


Well done EA if this is indeed a change of heart.

Credit where it's due, I have not been a big fan of EA, but I picked Dragon age over AC and Farcry and I think it was a good call.

it's really not a hard thing to figure out, at least from my point of view. You want to make money, we want to play great games. You make great games and we will give you our money.

Just don't give is a big of Sh%£$"t and expect us to hand over cash

Kyosuke_Sanada1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Ill believe it when I see it, the next big game launch better have little to no issues......

Revengeance1263d ago

Good shake it up with a new Burnout. We're LONG overdue for one!