#GamerGate: GTA 5 Being Banned Is A Slippery Slope, Says Take-Two President

One Angry Gamer "When some video game outlets support the banning of video games at major retailers, we’ve entered a very dangerous place. We’ve had people like Jim Sterling explain away that the removal of GTA V from Kmart and Target isn’t censorship, as well as everyone’s favorite social justice warrior, Jonathan McIntosh, ridiculing gamers over the retail chain’s decision. Well, there’s one group who isn’t skirting around the issue and it’s the company who publishes GTA. Their president sees the situation for what it is: a slippery slope."

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MultiConsoleGamer1318d ago

This won't stop with GTA V. Keep giving these people their way and they'll just keep taking and taking.

These people will tell you they're just working for tolerance, compassion and equality but nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing they want is to enforce their will on others. To make you live and think they way they do. They want you to obey their will with without question.

Now let me just say this, I'm an extremely tolerant person to the point of being obnoxious about it. However even I understand that free speech should protect even the ugly and hateful speech that that I would never support.

001318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

these people are the new age puritans and they have the journalist on there side. good thing though people are starting to see through their bullshit.

Bubiii1318d ago

Most of these "journalists" and devs are actually scared, nobody wants to get ripped apart publicly with 90% chance of loosing their job in the process. For that reason some of them just go along with it while others stay silent. There's definitely an agenda from certain groups and video games are always an easy target.

SCMJ9991315d ago

I don't think the objective was to stop GTA V but to point out decades of sexism in gaming. If there is anyone obeying without questioning the options they are given, it's the gamers.

MultiConsoleGamer1315d ago

You're painting all gamers with the same brush, as if they all share the same opinion. That's the sort of hateful generalization you see with racists and other types of bigots.

You also laughably assume that one gender has the market cornered on sexism. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This move was about censorship by any means necessary and nothing more.

And it's obvious you haven't played the game as again, only two women are harmed in the story. But your eyes are dry for all the 1000s of men who die violent deaths.

WeAreLegion1318d ago

Either everything's ok or nothing is.

sungam3d1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

I don't under stand. A few crappy stores in Aus stopped selling the game...

They got bullied into it because they are essentially a 'family store' and got bitched at by soccer moms.
It's and R18+ game. Don't buy the game for you dumbass kid if you don't like it...

You can still get the game from EBGamaes, Harvey Norman, JB hifi, Dick Smith, big W, ONLINE and the hundreds of smaller games stores.

Who cares if two stupid larger stores (aka wallmart in the US) decided to not sell the game.

This is being blown up bigger than it should be.

ginganinja1318d ago

Can Aussies still legally buy and play GTA V ? Yes ? Then it isn't 'banned'.

Some consumers have 'revolted' and caused some stores to alter their policy. Forgive me, but hasn't this been Gamergates cover story - that it's consumers taking action because of something they object to.

Wizard_King1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Ah logic, you seem to have it.

N4G hates logic, take it somewhere else lol.

FriedGoat1318d ago

logic? corruption in journalism cannot be compared to selling a game in a store.

Removing said game is not helping anyone, removing corruption from journalism helps everyone.

mixelon1318d ago

Lol, indeed.

It's totally ok to campaign against something and try to curtail their income.. If they disagree with you. But if they align with your beliefs it's reprehensible, how dare they.. It's a slippery slope, omg!


WilliamUsher1318d ago

As fried goat pointed out:
How does getting GTA V removed from store shelves help gamers when this was the very thing gamers were afraid of from radical social justice warrior groups?

Consumers taking action in GG are because they have NO OTHER OPTIONS. The media are corrupt, and whenever GG went to the media to get the story out, they all twisted the story into lies. How else do you get someone to listen other than to go to the advertisers?

Additionally, taking advertisers from websites doesn't affect the content. NO ONE is being stopped from writing what they want at those websites. They're just having funding removed via a lack of advertisers.

Removing GTA V from store shelves affects anyone who wants to buy the game.

It's sad that three people agreed with your false equivalency.

ginganinja1318d ago

The stores have no obligation to cater to gamers. They can stock whatever they want. If they feel like removing an item from sale, it's entirely up to them. At the end of the day, the people that make the decisions have decided that those customers who object to GTA are more important to them than those that don't (Either they want the store to project a certain image and/or it's just down to how much money each group spends).
Either way, gamers in Australia can still buy GTA (other stores and online are still selling it).


As to GG.
The goal (from what I've seen on KIA, twitter, etc) as regards emailing advertisers is to either get the sites shut down or to get people you disagree with fired. That's implicitly trying to control their content, ultimately by denying them a voice at all.

VX-Geist1318d ago

To me it's not that it's about refusing sale that has angered many but rather it's about a minority forcing a majority to bend over backwards for their silly demands and in turn restrict freedoms.

Sure they can buy the game from other stores but it's more or less what is said above.

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