Microsoft sweetens Xbox One bundle deals with a free, big-name AAA game today

The Microsoft Store is giving away a free game to those who buy an Xbox One bundle today, according to the retailer's online listings.

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tlougotg1232d ago

Good for consumers Sony put it on Microsoft so bad because they are going above and beyond to get market share back lol Ive been tempted several times.

Septic1232d ago

Thanks for reminding us how Sony put it to Microsoft so bad that this deal was born.

Thanks Sony for this deal

Kal0psia1231d ago

And you have that many bubbles?!

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kreate1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

That was a obvious sarcasm... Wth lol

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Kayant1232d ago

Got to win that Dec NPD I see. Truly a great time to jump in if you were on the fence.

Kal0psia1232d ago

That's a deal right there. If you're a gamer, you wouldn't hesitate.

Allsystemgamer1232d ago

Is of bought this but lol I got my X1 Black Friday for $75! Now it sits beside my wii u and ps4

cell9891232d ago

You can't deny the effect Playstation is giving to Microsoft, some of the very few times, customers actually win

ltachiUchiha1232d ago

Sony is the only corporation that can compete against MS despite MS & the ADVANTAGE they have with more money to burn because of all the Talented studios Sony has & support they have.

What sets MS & Sony apart is Sony is more open to smaller indie devs and even though MS & their die hard fanatics might think of these small teams as nothing major. Believe it or not these small indie teams will become the next Naughty Dogs, Rockstar, Bungie. While MS is more focused on securing AAA 3rd party exclusives & Cloud, Sony is supporting these small indie devs because they know these guys are the future & can be acquired at a more affordable price.

Its smart business if u ask me because Sony gives their studios alot of freedom to create their dream projects. This is why I believe Sony will always have a big impact in the gaming industry.

shloobmm31232d ago

They both are supporting indie games and they both are securing 3rd party exclusives.

ltachiUchiha1232d ago


Your right but im talking about u can see that out of these 2 corporations they may both do similar things like securing 3rd party exclusives and have indie support but u can see where both corporations are, "FOCUSING" on. its clear Sony is going hard to really get as much indie support as they can whil MS is trying to wow ppl with the same Tactics they have always done with TF & TR. That tactic is great but if your main competitor continues to outsell u then to me their just wasting money instead of investing it in acquiring more studios but hey I guess thats how u get when u have all that money.

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