Final hours for Microsoft's Windows XP

Techradar writes:

Windows XP will not be sold by Microsoft from today – although there are a number of loopholes that means the chirpy little operating system will remain a key product.

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TrevorPhillips3793d ago

XP has been going great over the past years

ThanatosDMC3793d ago

Go to the your universities and they sell them for $15... I bought three!

Vip3r3793d ago

RIP XP. You served us well.


TrevorPhillips3793d ago

May Microsoft be in your hand :)

thereapersson3793d ago

They still have a LONG way to go before Vista is reliable enough for me to purchase it

SaiyanFury3793d ago

Technically Windows 7 is supposed to be out in January of 2010. But I'm with you. I'm sticking with XP Pro for the foreseeable future. The horror that is Vista will never touch these HDD platters.

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The story is too old to be commented.