Probably the only PS4 game you need this Christmas – buy LittleBigPlanet 3 for £29.99

Dealspwn: "LittleBigPlanet 3 might not be an enormous generational leap forward for the series (frankly, I'm not sure exactly what that would look like) but it's still a damn fine game, with a creation suite that's more accessible than ever before, and over 9 million previous LBP levels available straight out of the box"

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darthv721019d ago

I'm getting this on the PS3 for my son. He and I both enjoy the LBP games. No PS4 yet but in due time.

Sketchy_Galore1019d ago

You're both gonna love it. Aside from a few bugs and glitches it's easily the best in the series. The campaign is incredibly varied and the subtle improvements and additions to the game really makes it seem like we're in for some good times once the community has had time to fully explore them. The top down platforming level I played the other night especially hints to me at great things to come,

SoapShoes1019d ago

Yup it's a really great platformed. Love what Sumo did, 16 layers adds so much to the gameplay.

hazelamy1019d ago

i didn't even realise there was a PS3 version.

anyway, should be a great game, the first two were outstanding.

some of the things people could with with the level editor, amazing.

CoTton_MoUtH1019d ago

Your a bad father lol you might as well be saying you and your son are still playing SNES not saying that's a bad thing

miyamoto1019d ago

Got the PS4 version as adviced by the LBP community as far as bugs are concerned. But enjoy the PS3 version, mate. The level designs are very deep.

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Ultr1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

We are really enjoing LBP3! :) (playing with my sisters)
We're like 6h into the storymode and havn't even started with the community levels!

Hoffmann1019d ago

What type of people are disagreeing to such a comment which was completely neutral regarding any platforms?

Someone writes a comment about his positive experiences with a game and thats disagree worthy? Why?

Whats up with all the negativity if someone liked something?

ChronoJoe1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

My fiance and I are really enjoying it too. Didn't like the story as much as LBP2, but I appreciate the improved creation tools.

Hoffmann1019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

As a fighting game fan I disagree. Can't have Guilty Gear Xrd soon enough.

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