Why Didn’t I Hear About The Tomorrow Children Before PlayStation Experience?

Siliconera writes:"The system is breaking down, people. When you hear about really nifty games, you’re supposed to tell me. Shout at me on Twitter, send up a smoke signal, or something. Don’t put me in a situation where I don’t know a unique game like The Tomorrow Children exists until I see it at an event!"

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uth111313d ago

They announced it at Gamescom, and they already had an alpha.. If you haven't heard about it, you haven't paid attention.

JimmyDM901313d ago

Clearly the writer doesn't visit N4G often. It seemed like Dualshockers ran a Tomorrow Children story every day for a month back in either October or November.

Balsanoid1313d ago

I saw quite a few people streaming the Alpha on Twitch/Ustream on the PS4. I guess the author never visits the streams.

3-4-51313d ago

Isn't it this "journalists" job, or part of it, to know of certain things or games like this ?

People who don't get paid to write, somehow....millions of them knew of this, yet the person who gets paid to know of this....doesn't ?


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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

@Why Didn’t I Hear About The Tomorrow Children Before PlayStation Experience?

You're too busy watching reruns of Jersey Shore and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Zenith4k1313d ago

Think your in a small minority that haven't heard about this! Though I'm still slightly confused about what genre, and what it's about (even after watching the alphas on Twitter) I am really excited about this, it has me very intrigued with style and artistry. One to look out for in my eyes

Blank1313d ago

Greetings friend, I have been fortunate to play this at PSX. What this game is in my words is a building game but as a workforce. The dev told me that mankind destroyed itself and somehow those "dolls" are actually human clones the last remains of our humanity. So they are attempting to rebuild mankind. Many players join a server where they have like 6 job classes of building or combat specialties, you even have a time schedule for the bus to get to the build site everyone effects that world in terms of building it plus of course you need to defend against enemies. This game truly is one to look out for hopefully I gave you a better idea about this great upcoming game.

SliceOfTruth8881313d ago

because you stink as a gaming journalist?

WeAreLegion1313d ago

Because you don't follow video games. That is the only way you could have possibly missed that game.

KwietStorm1313d ago

And it would also explain the articles we get every single day by "gamers."

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