Father Uses His Son In A Video Game Experiment, The Results Are Surprising

"Kids these days have it all; HD television, PS4, Xbox One, high-end PC's and games that are slowly but surely blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

If you were born after the year 2000 then the chances are that you've missed out on some of the greatest games ever created, the titles that redefined what it meant to 'play', the games that us older folks will cherish forever. Well, most of them, there's still a special rung in hell for those who developed and released Superman 64.

One man thought all of this and decided to have himself a little experiment, using his son as the main instrument of the investigation." The Games Cabin

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PoSTedUP1347d ago

cool. was gonna do this with my kid, not as an experiment but because i owe it to them as a gamer.

oldest gaming experience: toe jam n earl when i was 3-4 ('93-'94)
ive been playing more retro than anything the past year or so, including pinball.

Tiqila1346d ago

thats what every good parent should do!

darthv721346d ago

I did this with my kids. They started on a 2600 and played their way up to the wii-u.

It gives them a better respect for gamings roots. Plus it shows them that games were more about the fun of playing more than the look.

Thefreeman0121346d ago

@darthv holy craps say that again...I think n4g commenters need to hear it before we continue to bicker about graphics and what game has what

sonypsnow1346d ago

Final Fantasy 7 for PlayStation 4, is a great invitation to all, about what truly matters, the PlayStation Experience. Get PS1 and FF7 and enjoy!

pivotplease1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

All of the PSone FFs were already available for cheap on the PS3/PSP/Vita. I remember getting all of them for like 6 bucks and I also got Tactics: War of the Lions for free. PS4 FF7? Meh. I'll wait for the inevitable emulation plans. There's no way they'll make us pay again for the games we already paid for again.

GameNameFame1346d ago

Before you go on graphics don't matter damage control,

You guys do know better hardware also can allow better physics, more crows, more dynamic conditions that can provide more fun and unique gaming experiences too. You do know that right?

Lol. Quit damage control. There is no upside to weaker console.

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Angeljuice1346d ago

First gaming experience for me was on a pong clone in 1979 (aged 6-7).
I feel lucky that I have experienced the entire history of gaming in my lifetime, from it's very humble niche beginnings to the multi-billion dollar industry that exists today.

darthv721346d ago

You and me both. More younger players should go back further than they remember if they were born in the mid 80 to 90.

Lots of simplistic yet fun and creative games in the first few generations.

lipton1011346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

I was born in 88 so I got a good taste of the gens myself. i do call bs on his conclusion though. I grew up legitimately with all of those games but I was never hooked until I played Turok on N64. Next Xmas I got ff7 and a ps1. To this day I'm a shooter / adventure / rpg gamer first. Platformers that echo of yesteryear just don't do it for me.

PoSTedUP1346d ago

i played a bunch on the atari but just for the hell of it. i have to go back and catch up, but i feel like i barely have enough time to experience everything from my Own generation, im still running into new amazing games to this day.

@lipton- me too, and turok was my crack, still play it (3-4 months ago). i cant say about the conclusion, except that everyone is different. i have an appreciation for all games and love every genre, if i told you i have a favorite i would be lying (well socom II is fav game of all time) but i dont favor the shooter genre over the others. thats how it is with me i guess.

TheMeatPuppet0071346d ago

I agree as well, I was born in 1980 and my dad had a 2600 and a system called an Intellevision(I think that's how it's spelled) and I played the crap out of Donkey Kong, Astrosmash, and Nightstalker! Wonderful gaming era!

Angeljuice1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )


My dad used to rent an intellivision system (by Mattel) from our local video store every other weekend.
"Tanks" was my favourite game on the system (real name Armor Battle) and it was so exciting when he brought it home. My sisters and I couldn't wait to play.

I still have my original wood-effect Atari 2600 (though I must admit I haven't played with it in a while).

Here's a link to Armor Combat;
(the player is useless but you get the idea)

Morpheuzpr1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Born in 77 here. Been playing since the atari days. but my addiction were the arcades those days. God knows how much money I spent playing Kung Fu, Shaolin Road, TMNT, and of coarse SFII. But when it comes to consoles nothing gives me that nostalgia feeling like remembering the first time I saw Ninja Gaiden 2's box art at my local Woolworth's, ohhh and the first time I saw MK2 arcade. I remember none of my friends believed me and though I was lying when I told them that a guy called Kung Lao split Rayden in half with its hat. Ahhh those were the days I tell you.

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kayoss1346d ago

I've never even beaten Rygar. That game to me was very difficult so im very impressed. Next up for Eliot... Battle toads and Silver Surfer.

CorndogBurglar1346d ago

I beat Silver Surfer...once.

One time. I owned that game for my entire childhood and only beat it once.

Same with Mike Tyson. I only beat him once.

But you know what? I remember doing it, and i'm happy with that, lol.

Battletoads? No way. Never even came close to beating that.

raptorjacob1346d ago

I loved battletoads. I don't think I ever beat a nes game

Kidmyst1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

My 4 year old plays on my SNES and really likes it, I haven't hooked up the NES, n64 or any Sega systems though yet. But he really enjoys Zelda a link to the past, DK Country and Super Mario. Fun to see these games again. I have all my old systems so these will get relived again. He's played pacman via some of the plug and play games too. Atari 2600 games even.

3-4-51346d ago

I started on Atari 2600 when I was 3 years old in 1988.

Got a NES Christmas 1990, and nothing was ever the same.

I'm really appreciative of the fact that I've been able to experience video games through the generations as I have.

It's almost the full spectrum of gaming from the early years to today.

* Best thing about getting a NES in 1990, was all the games my friends already had that I got to borrow, and all the games available to rent.

So for me 1990 was the year of the NES...that was when Nintendo was new to me. I'd played it the year before but it was MINE now.

Even though it released earlier, to me, 1990 was still NES years.

Until I got a Sega Genesis in 1993.....then that kickstarted a whole new era in gaming.

Man I miss those days.

PoSTedUP1346d ago

nice. same here, very appreciative of how i got to game as a kid.

hammy-down genisis was my first in early 90's, and lived with my cousin and uncle who i had access to their NES and SNES at the same time.

i preferred the SNES over the NES because of super mario, MK and ABC football, the ninja turtles games seemed better to me too, also because of the controller.

also my gamegear was my life at that time, for a few years, till my lil cuzzo dropped it... road rash, madden 95, sonic were some of my faves. i only had a few other games for it.

miss them days too, bro!

sAVAge_bEaST1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Old school Arcade Kid.

My first system was the Intellivision. Utopia , D&D , MicroSurgen/(nanotech) ,Dig Dug, DK, DK2, Frogger, Pac-Man, SNAFU, Tron, Zaxxon,-
that was my first intro into to the home console's.

then of Course Arcades, from 2 stories, -2 the movie theaters, . to the skate board ,. arcade meet-ups.... /beat downs... roller rinks.. '95 -then straight up R4V3.

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I did the same thing. I had a Sega Genesis on a crt tv in my sons room before he turned 2.

Septic1346d ago

This is a wicked idea. Every gamer parent should raise their kids to play games in this order!

traumadisaster1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Started my kids on a wii, so they love mario. Then moved to kinect and sonic on 360. Recently brought down the ps3 move and they like that.

At 6 and 8 they think happy action theatre is the best game ever made. For me games are $5 too.

I will keep them on those for years, as I game away on a 4k pc and next gen consoles in the man cave, after they go to bed.

lipton1011346d ago

Lol it's crazy being a dad, that's when my gaming gets done as well, after the wife and baby get to sleep. I'm going to dig out my old genesis for my little girl, I think she'll like sonic

traumadisaster1346d ago

It's so cost efficient to let them get more years of fun out of my old consoles.

Bought wii in 2009 on a whim for me, never would have imagined my yet to be born kids would be getting more use out of it than me.

KiwiViper851346d ago

Becoming a dad is what really kicked my habit into high gear.

The wife got into downloading TV series on the laptop so the big TV was always free. So 7pm-12pm is game time, every night, 7pm-4am on weekends.

Can't play my music games anymore tho. I have headphones but the instruments are too noisy. Hoping next gen guitars are whisper quiet.

Clown_Syndr0me1346d ago

Only game my 2 year old likey is Doki Doki Universe because she likes making the man wave lol.
She likes to hold my spare controller though and pretend to play games I'm playing, only do it with the Xbox though as can remove the batteries, otherwise she turns it and presses everything!

Darth Gamer1346d ago

Too funny! I do the exact same thing with my 2 year old. Even funnier though is the fact that she now grabs the controller and removes the battery pack herself and then sits next to me thinking that she is controlling the character on screen. Too cute!

CorndogBurglar1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

My 3 year old daughter plays Castle Crashers. Well, she's 4 now, almost 5. But she has been playing it since she was 3. She absolutely loves it. I can't tell you how proud I am of that, lol.

At first she used to ask me to help her through some of the tougher parts, but now its all her. :)

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