Rumor: GTA V Already Runs At 60FPS On The PC, "Max Payne 3" Team Handling The PC Version

Let's all admit one thing: GTA IV was an unoptimized mess, a performance hog title, and a game that was easily described as one of the most unoptimized games of 2008. Sure thing, Rockstar's open world game runs better today - thanks mainly to new CPU processors - but its multi-core CPU support is still quite... laughable. Which really made everyone wonder whether the upcoming PC version of GTA V would suffer from such 'porting' issues. Well, apparently GTA V PC is shaping up just fine as it already runs at 60FPS on the PC.

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Adexus1318d ago

Max Payne 3 ran amazingly well on PC so I have high hopes!

decrypt1318d ago

Indeed Max payne was dam well optimized. Hell the game scaled amazingly even in sli configurations all the way upto 4 gpus.

Marcello1318d ago

Hopefully this true, i expect so but we will see. If it is good then hopefully we will see Red Dead Redemption on PC aswell next year.

elsuperamigo1318d ago

Thats the problem whit pc gaming not good enough exclusives most games on pc are rts or mmos, you guys dont know what you're missing whit red dead redemption not been on pc, is one of the best game on consoles one of my top 3 favorite along whit last of us and metal gear

Stsonic1317d ago

You are both correct about max payne 3 on PC. Probably my favourite game on PC. However the title of this article is a bit off. I'm sure any game can be played at 60fps with the right hardware.

Testfire1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

@ elsuperamigo, nobody is suggesting that they only game on PC. I would venture to guess that most of us that game on PC have companion systems as well. I bought and played RDR the week it came out and its one of my favorites, but I could definitely see the appeal of it being on PC.

Somebody1317d ago


That's the problem about console exclusives- fans think their exclusives are the only thing that matters. You kept telling us we're missing out on something when there are literary millions of PC gamers who dedicated a decade of their lives to WoW. Yes, they are missing out on your exclusives but it doesn't matter because they are having fun with their own game.

How can you say that we're missing out on something when it's not certain that we'll like your games anyway? Personally I'm not missing out on exclusives like Killzone and Halo because I have FPS fatigue.

EeJLP-1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

There is no "On PC". PC isn't a specifically speced platform that anyone who owns "a PC" has the same performance capabilities.

GTA V Already Runs At 60FPS On "A Capable" PC. Not on "PC", "A PC", or "The PC".

zero_gamer1317d ago

PC has way more exclusives than every game released on PS3, 360, and Wii combined. Most new console multiplats end up there as well, and they usually deliver a better experience on PC.

Yeah PC gamers aren't missing out much. Many PC gamers actually have at least a last-gen console for some odd exclusive, but not too many play on the console regularly.

Wizard_King1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

I've been a PC gamer since I made my first pay cheque and went and built my own. I have also owned every console up till the new bunch (PS4 and Xbone). Not once have I looked at an exclusive of Sony or MS and thought that I was missing out on anything. Ever. List any console exclusive you want and I can think of 10 PC exclusives that would better suit my time.

Killzone lol
Halo lol
Gears lol
Uncharted lol
TLOU lololololol
Forza or GT lol

you can keep every single one of them, I genuinely feel sorry for poor console only gamers and the huuuuuuuge world of fantastic exclusives they will never get to play.

Perjoss1317d ago

I'm primarily a PC gamer for about 20 years now but I try to keep an open mind when it comes to all platforms including handhelds and nintendo stuff.

" I genuinely feel sorry for poor console only gamers and the huuuuuuuge world of fantastic exclusives they will never get to play."

This is very true, but I also feel sorry for anyone who has never played games like Red Dead Redemption, Rock Band or Heavy Rain. PCs are awesome but there are some great experiences you will only find on consoles.

Utalkin2me1317d ago


Pc might have more exclusives. But honestly majority is not quality exclusives. And i play exclusives regualary on my consoles. Actually i put more time in on my consoles then i do my PC. Most PC games that i do enjoy are on consoles too.

I would regret missing out on alot of great titles for being a PC only gamer. I couldn't imagine not playing Supermario 3d world or Mariokart 8 or even Super smash brothers sames goes for Playstaion like UC 1-3, TLOU or GT5. But hey to each his own.

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NuggetsOfGod1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Jesus would only play on pc. Fact.

The graphics mods omg.

Gta 4 on pc is now close to gta 5 ps4 graphics lol

I watched the 60fps gta 5 trailer on youtube and does make huge difference when paired with great animation.

Perjoss1317d ago

It is known that Jesus had a Praystation

SuperBlur1317d ago

It's too bad the steam forums was wiped , i could of linked you to a dozen of threads on steam with hundreds of replies about people not being able to launch the game even after 2nd patch rolled out.

Not to mention the piss poor social club login that a lot of people couldn't seem to get past

Locknuts1317d ago

Yep. That team know their stuff. I had no issues with MP3 even with my SLI rig.

mmcglasson1316d ago

It's already amazing on PS4 and this will only make it more amazing for PC gamers However, I will still be playing it on PS4.

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ZombieKiller1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Not surprised here! Rockstar is the king of optimization! If the parity between PS3/360 wasn't enough for to say it, then look at both next gen versions running at 1080P. The foliage was reduced in the X1 version but to me, that shows they care. As a gamer, I choose resolution over in-game foliage. Especially when the only way you REALLY notice is by a side by side.

Rockstar kicks ass in my eyes.

Eldyraen1318d ago

If you played GTA 4 on PC you wouldn't call them king of optimization ;)

Max Payne 3 though, as others said, looked and ran like a champ (not open world though). I'm psyched they are taking their time to do it right however.

Neixus1317d ago

Rockstar is everything but king of optimization ;p

mmcglasson1316d ago


Are you trying to say the resolution was better on X1 vs the PS4? "The foliage was reduced in the X1 version but to me, that shows they care. As a gamer, I choose resolution over in-game foliage."

Because the PS4 version had a better overall framerate. The PS4 version had a few areas in the city when driving at a high speed that the frames dipped a few more than the X1 version. However there were multiple scenarios/missions that the X1 version dips the entire section while the PS4 maintains 30fps. The PS4 version also had higher LoD, and quite a bit more foliage than the X1 version.

ZombieKiller1314d ago

Nah I wasn't saying ANY of that. Honestly, I was basically saying (in my own way) that you guys should have faith in R* at this point because of what they did with GTA V on last gen AND current gen. GTA IV might have been crappy, but their latest game screamed quality on every console it touched. I had the PS3, 360 AND PS4 versions and each one was well done.

As for the foliage, I know the X1 isn't as powerful as the PS4 and if I had the X1 version, I'd prefer the resolution OVER the added foliage. That's what I originally meant. Lol @ the 1 agree and 33 dis. My comment came out wrong.

mmcglasson1313d ago

Ah ok. I really liked GTA4. Yea it was a step back in terms of things to do but it was still a great game. Great car physics and great gunplay. The story imo was pretty awesome too. I give it a 9/10 (comparing it to what you could do in VC and San Andreas). GTA5... is just an overall masterpiece.

WeAreLegion1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Good good good. That leaves Rockstar Toronto open for Bully 2.


I have this pre ordered for PC. Just have to keep strong and not buy it for PS4 before it launchs.

RedDeadLB1318d ago

This is good news and as I expected it to be. Max Payne 3 was their letter of apology for GTA IV in my eyes, and WHAT AN APOLOGY THAT WAS.

I have complete faith in GTA V running smooth as butter on PC.

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