Developing On Xbox One Will Not Hold Back Ambitious Visuals Possible On PS4/PC: Warhorse Studios

"Warhorse Studios' Kingdome Come Deliverance is an upcoming and ambitious role playing game for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. "

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TurboGamer1232d ago

That guy just contradicted himself.

Second paragraph:
Xbox One wont hold back the other versions.

Third paragraph:
The Xbox One version and the PC version looks the same.

In other words the game was crippled from the beginning because of the Xbox One.

XboxOneX1232d ago

It also says that "the title is already up and running on the Xbox One version at 17 frames per second in just three weeks of porting" Now this is VERY impressive. I can imagine it will look amazing and run very smooth once its done.

Kal0psia1232d ago

Yes, imagine when Dx12 release. I here it has a lot to do with porting and allowing game artists to develop an actual scene of how it would be on PC ...scaled though, not PC graphics on XOne mind you. Point is with less mishaps as it would be on previous APIs.

Amuro1232d ago

I don't think the guy's contradicting himself, I think this is just Gamingbolt making a mess with their usual spins for click-bait.

u4one1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

why do people like yourself assume that the ps4 is closer to pc power when in fact it is closer to xb1 power. if the ps4 and xb1 were graphics cards, it would be like a $30 difference. Kind of like how everyone said that the xb1 was holding back destiny on the ps4 even though it was also being developed on ps3 and 360. i have a ps4, and an xb1 and i can say that sometimes the ps4 has a bit extra power to hit 1080p easier or in the case of gta5 have a few extra shrubs in places thanks to its faster memory but other than that, the graphics are pretty similar on both systems. the ps4 isn't some magical powerful pc that somehow only costs 399. thats like saying you could buy a $15k toyota that will be almost as fast as a $65k bmw

medman1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

I just want more games. And I want the games that do release to not be broken messes. Thank you.

EvoNeonLover191232d ago

You mentioned gta 5 which is a multiplatform game. Just about every dev makes multiplatform games identical besides for a higher resolution or slightly higher fps. The exclusives are where the differences start to show up. Driveclub for example or the order. Both those games are incredibly gorgeous.

strangeaeon1232d ago

Very well said, it's becoming tiresome to see the PS4 hw placed on level with PC.

NuggetsOfGod1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Either console version is a limitation.

Are ps4 games running 1440p 60fps?

No it struggles to get 30fps on bloodbourne on most peoples 1080p tvs they purchased in 2008?

Doesn't matter which console.

some bums look better than other bums = console war

Truth be told.. if current gen console gamers wanted 60fps in every game then 720p would have to be the standard.

Watch the gta 5 60fps trailer with chrome. Omg!!!

Its like its made of butter.

Point is anyone playing 99% of their games at 30fps or less but sometimes a lil more need to stop boasting about hardware.

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Walker1232d ago

Yeah with parity Xbone Will Not Hold Back Ambitious Visuals Possible On PS4/PC

PFFT1232d ago

Tell that to the Ps4 version of Far Cry 4. Thanks to Parity the god rays on the Ps4 version got stripped. And no Ubi there was no problems with performance the game looked and ran great on the Ps4.

Volkama1232d ago

Awwww that's precious.

Did Microsoft march down to Ubisoft's offices with a little spot-the-difference chart, and insist they patch out the differences that favoured the PS4 version? While chomping on a still-beating human heart no doubt.

u4one1232d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

i've seen plenty of god rays on xb1 games... and also.. remember how they said that the lighting effects are different in gta5 on both systems? like the ps4 version had more blooms... thats actually not true. its true that in the two pics they referenced the ps4 had more bloom, but there are plenty of times on the xb1 version that the blooms are full on present. just depends on the time of day. the ps4 hits 1080p a little bit easier while maintaining fps. the faster memory allowed it to have a bit more shrubs in a few areas than the xb1 version or have a slightly longer draw distance. thats about the extent of power differences. they are both the same gpu configured slightly differently. xb1 has 12 cu's to ps4's 14+4. Yes the ps4 technically has 18 cu's but only uses 14 for graphics rendering. the other 4 are reserved for failure or to assist with cpu compute. they do not contribute to graphics rendering. the xb1 has a faster cpu clock and scalable cloud processing so it actually comes out ahead for things like animation, simulation, numbers of NPC ai's running at once etc. the ps4 has the advantage of faster memory which helps with things like texture streaming etc but the xb1 has more memory bandwidth that can be allocated any way needed. after the kinect reserve update the xb1 can crank out around 1.41 tflops. the ps4 can do about 1.84 i believe. so... the differences aren't that huge. overall the ps4 has a slight graphical advantage that usually manifests itself in a higher target resolution... very very rarely in the effects, post processing dept. if you want to talk major graphical difference, compare the consoles to pc. these tiny little differences in ps4/xb1 are trivial compared to consoles vs pc's.

Septic1232d ago

And the poor PC owners having to put up with the PS4 and X1 dragging down their platform.

NatureOfLogic_1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

PC is held back by consoles. PC and PS4 are both held back by Xbox One. It's a shame that the next TR won't see it's full potential releasing exclusively on the lowest common denominator when It comes to next gen. Xbox One is holding back gaming imo. MS is paying to limit games to the weakest next gen platform.

matt1391232d ago

LOL at people comparing ps4 with PC when it's only slightly more powerful than the x1. Fanboys have no idea what they're talking about.

Amuro1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

to you, it's the word "slightly" a good representation of this?

Yetter1232d ago

do you even know what this chart represents? It unbelievable that is has been photoshopped to be even more misleading. This is specifically GPGPU benchmarking, not overall performance. Perhaps you didn't know that, or you are intentionally trying to mislead everyone who clicks your link

gamer11381232d ago

Wow using a Ubi slide talking about performance between the two consoles when AC unity ended up running better on xbox one. derp :/

Dinkis1232d ago

Lol and the ps3 CPU is more powerful then the ps4s so what

Dudebro901232d ago used cinemablend as a source...

If you want people to take you seriously Use a source that isn't complete biased crap.

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Ezz20131232d ago

tell me what your "Slightly" mean ?!

give me numbers that back up your comment

Fro_xoxo1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

okay, let's pretend the PS4's hardware isn't a little better.

Show me a game on both consoles that is a night and day difference. Show me a game that is "50%" more powerful.

Volkama1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

One 1.3ish TFLOPS
(My) PC 15+ TFLOPS

Yeah, if I were forced to group those I think I'd probably put the PS4 in the same league as the PC, and drop the XBox One off at a homeless shelter. Marinated in BBQ sauce and served on a platter.

Ezz20131232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )


he said "slightly more powerful than the x1"
that need to be explained
also no multiplat game will show the gap in power
i thought every one know that
3rd part Developers always aim for parity
they even say that them self
exclusives are what show what the system can do

I don't think i said any thing about Pc
and no one with a bain would say Ps4 is on the same level as Pc
so i don't get your point

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1232d ago

Why on earth is anyone even trying to compare a PC to a console with laptop architecture. PC's can be easily upgraded to outperform any gaming console. The downside is that a PC that is truly "Gaming" capable will cost at a minimum, 150 dollars more than a $400 PS4/Xbox One. My point is PC's and gaming consoles are entirely different machines. It's like trying to compare the hauling capacity of a dump truck to that of a 4x4 truck. Ridiculous comparison, why bother.

strangeaeon1232d ago

Slightly as in what transfers to the screen slightly, as in having to look at still screenshots side by side to notice a difference "slightly". As in "extra shrubbery" slightly. Yeah, THAT slightly.

Volkama1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Missing the point. It isn't about how powerful the PC is. You asked how the difference between consoles is slight, so I just put it into perspective. No trickery, no spin, no bragging. Just real numbers that put it in perspective. Plus a little sarcasm at the end because numbers are boring.

DigitalRaptor1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

@ theFro

I'm getting tired of this "show me a game that is 50% more powerful".

Do you expect developers to maximise the potential or hit the ceiling of each console in their first year on the market? PS4 already has gains in visuals and performance over the Xbone, but this is whilst developers are still being held to last-gen standards rather than leveraging next-gen hardware.

Plus we've seen third party publishers aim for parity to avoid "debates and stuff", and generally to avoid putting one console manufacturer in a more uncomfortable position than another. That never happened in previous generations, and parity for useless political reasoning needs to die in a hole.

The long-term is what you want to be thinking about. When benchmarks are being set by developers who are leveraging the best aspects of the individual hardware by making games that are exclusive to the platform through years of techniques learned, shared and optimisations made.

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Lou-Cipher1232d ago

@matt 139
The PS3 was "slightly" more powerful than the 360.

The PS4 is Vastly more powerful than the Xone.(it's not even close)

You are right about one thing though.
"Fanboys have no idea what they're talking about"

DollMytee1232d ago

How in the hell are we over a year from the launch of these consoles and people are STILL hurling dumbass bulletpoints back and forth. @Lou-Cipher I am not talking directly at you, but jesus christ some of you people. Do you even enjoy your console? Or do you just spend all day fighting about it?

Forn1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Usual Gaming Bolt flamebait nonsense. Just enjoy the games people.

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