H-Hour: World’s Elite Take From a Socom Fan

H-Hour hopes to recapture everything we loved from the series and give us a game we can rejoice with. The question is can they? We have all heard the same thing by every developer in the games following Socom 2. There are some things they need to hit the dot on, and things they need to avoid.

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bonafide7321350d ago

Concerns me David Sears is no longer apart of this Project. But here's to hoping the same fun can be re created like the good ol Socom 2 days.

red2tango1350d ago

Also concerned, but it's the only thing we have.

logan_izer101350d ago

What? What happened to Sears?

red2tango1350d ago

Just like with Rainbow Six Patriots...gone.

All that was said was that he left for personal reasons.

Omegasyde1350d ago

At the playstation expirience, I asked Adam boylea about sponsoring the game. He really didnt even know it existed sadly.

I told him he really needs to reach out to them and let some of these indy teams work on Sony owned Ips. He then said we are working on that.

USMC_POLICE1350d ago

It needs to allow for custom settings to, ie pistols only or ie desert glory only no rotation. I do hope switching shoulders is an option like confrontation.

eyeDEVOUR1350d ago

dont worry man.. this game has the classic camera, not that overtheshoulder bullshit.

1350d ago
DirtyLary1350d ago

I was excited, even bought a PS4 for this game. Then it all went to hell.

eyeDEVOUR1350d ago

David may be gone but i think Tom and the rest of the crew fully understands what we want especially after ther meltdown that happened with the community upon finding out that David had left.. and i gotta admit that Tom has really worked his ass off keeping the community going strong with all the update info... ive been worried from the start but its the only chance where ever gonna get to have the socom magic back!!

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The story is too old to be commented.