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"It seems universally accepted at this point that Dragon Age: Inquisition, for whatever its virtues may be, gets off to a poor start. After the protagonist is promoted from prisoner to commanding officer at a rate that would impress Jack Bauer, the matter at hand is to assemble a military movement capable of challenging the forces of blah-blah-whatever. There's plenty of story intrigue there – amassing armies, snaking through politics and just generally finding unity in a world that's in disarray – but it's also an actual mechanic. The "power" of your Inquisition is determined by a blunt numerical figure. You need power to unlock the story missions, and you gain it by doing anything that would benefit the Inquisition – questing, in other words."

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Feedogg61318d ago

Have to admit the Hinterlands seem like filler but this is a great game!