Tripwire defends Killing Floor 2 PS4 port

The boss of Tripwire Interactive has moved to explain his company's decision to make a PlayStation 4 version of previously PC-exclusive co-op sci-fi horror first-person shooter Killing Floor 2 after some expressed concern over the move.

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Wizard_King1257d ago

Ah the money, always about the money.

I worry if the same level of community mod support that was available for Killing Floor will be lost in KF2 due to parity between versions. Sure would suck if we can't get our modded levels and guns white listed like with KF just because thew PS4 won't support it.

But Tripwire are my all time favorite dev and they are very talented, so I am still holding very high hopes for them to pull this off right. After all this is their first taste of the console world as devs. Hopefully they don't get that sweet sweet Sony $ to far up them that it ruins a brilliant PC exclusive (up till now) dev.

thanhgee1257d ago

You really hate Sony don't you?

cj1pate1011257d ago

What did he say in regards to hating sony?

cj1pate1011257d ago

I swear every sony "dude" gets hurt or offended over anything these days.

plmkoh1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Nah he's just a PC elitist who's just butt hurt the PC 'platform' (if you can even call it that) lost one of the few exclusives it has. The PS4 just happens to be in his firing line lately, because it threatens the justification on his investment.

If he was frank and really cared, he'd know that Minecraft on PC hasn't been ruined one bit despite all that "sweet sweet" money paid to get ports onto every conceivable device/console. Nor has CS:GO changed in anyway in temrs of accessibility to servers, mods and competitiveness despite being ported to PS3/360.

FlameHawk1257d ago

He actually hates both Sony and Microsoft, he's part of teh PcMastaRace.

cemelc1257d ago

Developers doesnt make a dime of mods so...

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Riderz13371257d ago

If you really cared about the dev you would be happy they are expanding and offering their games to a larger audience. This could lead them to more sales and to expand their company. I had no idea what Killing Floor 2 was but after seeing it at PSX I was interested and will be keeping my eye on it.

+1 potential customer right here.

Roccetarius1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

I would rather have some games staying exclusive, considering the consoles are causing delays. Not to mentino that the development would be cheaper.

realplayer821257d ago

Typical pc elitism mad ps4 is getting a pc exclusive. Guess what its gonna happen more and more.

Aquariusgamer1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

@Wizard king

When has a multiplatform game for pc EVER been negatively impacted by consoles in terms of mod support? Name ONE pc game that lost mod support because there was a console version.

Stop sh!tposting.

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masterfox1257d ago

lol don't know why PC gamers are upset about Killing Floor 2 coming to the PS4, the game isn't even that demanding looks average at best, I know for sure the PS4 can handle this at max settings running a full 60 fps, I mean my 4 year old gaming PC can handle Killing floor at max settings without any issue.

vega2751257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Tripwire boss: well Sony offered to moneyhat us to port the game over to the ps4 and we couldn't resist.........oh I mean we thought we would let more players play the game even thought we are limiting to only two platforms.

Enate1257d ago

Coming from someone who has put over 500 hours + into KF. I don't know why anyone would be crying. Killing Floor has never been about being super demanding. I mean KF2 looks amazing compared to the first but not insane. If anything it gives them like someone said more revenue to continue to do what they do better. In fact I have a large team of veterans that will probably get it on both. Since we all play PS4 and PC.

ainsleyharriott1257d ago

Just hope it gets the same amount of mod support as the original.

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