iPhone 3G walk-through released

Here it is, friends: the full iPhone 3G walkthrough in thrilling 3G-o-vision! Enjoy.

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Gish3815d ago

Same thing isn't it? Only faster and no cool metal back to it.

aaquib53815d ago

That it now has GPS built in.

aaquib53815d ago

But it sucks that in Canada not only do you pay $200, but you have to get a 3 year(yes 3 years, not 2 like in the States) contract with a minimum plan of $60/month for 400mb of data + tax + $8 access fee + $15 for caller id. F^cking rogers!

Millah3815d ago

Can't wait to get one on July 11th

ElementX3815d ago

Sucks to be an early adopter of the first one.

rockbottom30763815d ago

theres plenty of people that don't want 3g (or the fee) not to mention this one is going to be a whole lot easier to jailbreak and use on other carriers.