GTA IV iCEnhancer C Mod Announced - First Details & Screenshots

Hayssam ‘icelaglace’ Keilany has revealed a new version of his iCEnhancer mod for Grand Theft Auto IV. According to Keilany, this version will be much more stable, will be less ‘bloomy’, and will be as ‘clean’ as possible.

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ThatEnglishDude1101d ago

This site obsesses over GTA IV mods. Who cares anymore? Yes - it looks good. We get it.

chaldo1101d ago

There is a reason why you have only one bubble. People still do care. The world doesn't revolve around you.

anticlimax1101d ago

Honestly, I don't care neither. I hope GTAV is here soon so modders can make the jimp.

chaldo1101d ago


Of course. I am not saying everybody cares. Some people just still like fooling around with mods in this game.

Eiffel1101d ago

As long as you keep clicking and commenting the articles will keep coming.

Magicite1101d ago

imagine what they gonna do with GTA5!!!

OutcastMosquito1101d ago

GTA V with GTA IV physics would be INSANE!

BitbyDeath1101d ago

Why do you want to dumb it down?

OutcastMosquito1101d ago

You're joking right?! Gta V has dumbed down physics. Feels like I'm playing slip n slide when bailing out a car. In GTA IV you actually bounce and realisticly react to force.

Heyxyz1101d ago

I absolutely love watching the iCEnhancer in action!!