Editorial - What Rock Band 2 could provide

Brad Nicholson of Destructoid writes: "I am a casual player of the music genre. Whenever I am caught spending time with a plastic guitar strap over my shoulder, it usually entails having too many glasses of fine bourbon. Additionally, it means that I have run out of good ideas about what to do for the night. I watched Dance Dance Revolution, Parappa, Karaoke Revolution, Singstar, and Samba De Amigo sweep past me. Really, I think it is attributable to the disillusionment of these games. I just could never find myself in the proper mood or confines to try them.

It wasn't until Guitar Hero that I finally understood that music based videogames could be fun. While I still required a proper amount closeting to really enjoy playing "Fat Lip" by Sum 41, I started to get why other people could enjoy the genre as well. My real education into these games came on the night of the release of Rock Band. I crowded into my local game vendor at midnight to purchase Mass Effect, while my girlfriend was there for Rock Band. As these things typically work out in a relationship, I found myself straddling a chair playing drums instead of my beloved science fiction role-playing game.

Rock Band showed me what an enormous music game could and couldn't do properly. While I enjoyed my experience with the game, there are several valid critiques of the game that I can convey, as both a casual player and a writer. With the announcement of Rock Band 2 freshly over, I think it may be time to explore what the next rendition of Harmonix's ground breaking game could provide for all of us..."

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