Destiny Getting New Crucible Mode Called Inferno Without Supers, Weapon Bonuses or Radar

It looks like Destiny is getting a new Crucible map called Inferno that will set players' skills to the test. Based on a new discovery by a Reddit user in the Grimoire cards, it looks like this new mode is set to be unveiled soon.

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XboxOneX1199d ago

Good luck Bungie I hope this new mode is more exciting than the new RAID.

kneon1198d ago

Despite playing over 300hrs of this game I haven't played a single round of crucible as I didn't like it in the alpha and beta. But this sounds like my kind of multi-player.

GameSpawn1198d ago

Hopefully this is on some decently small maps since there is no radar. This really does level the playing field and depending on the map size and number of players it could be all out chaos (not necessarily a bad thing in this case).

Expect this though:
Rocket Launchers + Shotguns + Fusion Rifles

I guarantee these three weapon types will be used the most. Sniper Rifles are useless on the small maps.

kneon1198d ago

So 3 weapons I almost never use.

I prefer configurable MP so that you can set up the games the way you want to play them. I'd be playing pistols only, no perks, no supers, no vehicles.

ITPython1198d ago

So you have no interest in the crucible weapons the quartermaster sells? Because since Bungie removed the ability to turn in materials for marks, the only way to get crucible marks is to play the crucible (which pisses me off since I also hate the crucible). Add insult to injury that you only get a measly 2 or 3 marks per round, which means to get to 150 marks for a weapon would take a bare minimum of 50 matches (if you won) and worst case of 75 matches if you lose all of them. And at 12-15 minuets per match, that is a crap load of time just to reach 150 marks. It equates to like 15 or more hours of SOLID crucible playing. I dunno about the rest of you, but I can barely even stomach 3 rounds before I become engulfed in rage.

kneon1198d ago

Well I did buy some crucible weapons, I used to find so many resources that I was able to buy a few crucible weapons without every stepping into the crucible.

But it doesn't matter any more, today I stopped playing, I'm moving on. They continue to make this game worse with every change.

HeavenlySnipes1198d ago


Looks like I will actually play Destiny's MP for fun now (and not for marks)

BabyObama1198d ago

Should of had this in the first place
Maybe I would of liked the mp more

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