Sony Are Playing On Nostalgia, So Why Aren't They Acting On It?

TSA writes: "Nostalgia can be a great thing – it often evokes a sense of love and longing like nothing else can. As a species, we like to dwell on the past, and as a modern culture we just love our in-jokes and references. As PlayStation fans, we want a new Crash Bandicoot game, and every miniscule tease, every tiny but recognisable noise in a video brings us closer to that goal. Or so we think."

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yewles11348d ago

Am I the only one that wants a new Jumping Flash or Philosoma?

darthv721348d ago

You and me both brother. Those two are my favorite original PS1 games.

gangsta_red1348d ago

Jumping Flash for their Morpheus would probably be the best route to go for that.

3-4-51348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

* At some point, somebody HAD to create Crash Bandicoot.

At some point HE DID NOT exist. And at some point he came into existence via a creative idea.

* It's NOT DIFFICULT at all to create a new character.

It's the "money guys" at the top, who want to milk the same BS over and over.

They are FEARFUL of new IP's, because people in power, they like control, and they can't control new.

It's sad really.

We collectively on this site could probably draw up 100-200 worthy characters to user in a 2D/3D platformer or some other game.

There isn't enough creative people in charge in the video game industry.

panbit861348d ago


averagejoe261348d ago

Naughty Dog has stated, multiple times, Activision owns crash bandicoot and there will not be another game.

It's not possible for Sony to just whip up whatever classic games they want as there is a lot of legalities involved.

nicksetzer11348d ago

Exactly, this author acts like Sony is choosing not to make the game. The reality is Sony doesn't have the ability to make the game as they no longer own the IP. Sucks, but it's not like Sony can change that fact, no matter what fans say.

corroios1348d ago

Sony should buy the Crash IP back. They have the cash from all the millions they are getting from PSN.

SideNote1348d ago

Sony have no cash from anything. They keep borrowing. They are restructuring trying to form the playstation as there main income as everything is going to the wall. They are billions in the black.

nicksetzer11348d ago

In the black is a good thing ....kind of undermines your point when you don't even know common things like that.

That said, Sony sureltis not out of the financial woods yet.

eots1348d ago

Black is generally good, red bad when you're talking about bank accounts.

SideNote1348d ago

Sorry, dyslexic..meant red.

Dudebro901348d ago

It was their anniversary, which is why they "played" on it.

Its not like Sony is going back their ps1 catalogue and Making new games and crash is being left out.

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The story is too old to be commented.