Destiny: The Dark Below costs a hilarious £20, here are ten much better ways to spend your money

Dealspwn: "Don't buy The Dark Below and make yourself miserable as you wonder where the hell all that time you've wasted went. Spend your money on these things and be awesome instead."

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Blues Cowboy1345d ago

Nothing hilarious about it. £20 is borderline insulting, especially considering that Destiny only contains a small amount of meaningful content that's recycled constantly.

FuzzyPixels1345d ago

And that's why I uninstalled it ages ago.

There are games that are really worthwhile out there, including significantly better shooters. The hype swept Destiny into homes, but they're not getting any more of my money, that's for sure.

zerocrossing1344d ago

Exactly. Bungie should not yet be charging for DLC, the game was bare bones on release and free content may have made up for that.

But nope, they're gonna squeeze as much money out of Destiny before the inevitable sequel lands.

UnHoly_One1344d ago

I made the mistake of buying the digital guardian edition so I've already paid for this tripe.

I don't have the slightest urge to play it again.

Jdoki1344d ago

I am a big fan of this game, and have been playing at least once or twice a week. Probably clocked up 75+ hours.

I know it has huge flaws, and terrible storytelling - but I like the game play, and the repetition doesn't bother me (I also play MMORPG's, and Diablo 3 - so grinding for gear is nothing new) - but I was hopeful the DLC would start to flesh the story out, and address some of the criticisms.

But this DLC is a joke. In fact, it's an insult. Even at £17.50 (if bought with Expansion 2) it's overpriced rubbish.

I have no idea what Bungie are playing at. I thought they were more fan focused. Are they being mind-controlled by Activision? Forced to strip away anything new and exciting and instead drip feed us overpriced empty content.

Shame on Bungie!

UKmilitia1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

it isnt even stripped away,part of its on the disc,the rest was done in updates over the term.
u just download a patch that unlocks it.

a game like this and it weighs in at 23gigs on a 50gig bluray.

equal_youth1344d ago

Even worse is once u download the DLC it is 75mb total download size. All those publishers lie about there products as if there is no tomorrow and if nothing can happen to them.. i really hope something bad happens to Activision, Ubi, EA etc. especially those companies milk the industry so hard that they have to be taken care of in some sort of form. Even if the industry shatters there will be enough good indie developers to rebuild it and hopefully dont sell out as much... but what the heck am i talking about.. nothing will happen and it will only get worse. :/
This year told me something very important and that is not to give my money to any of these companies... so again what the heck am i talking.. EA owns StarWars now and how could i stay away from it... Damn i hate these ********** *********** ********
taking away all my moral standarts and tricking me every damn year.
I might even quit gaming as a hole or rely on ps+ games .. whatever..

Blues Cowboy1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Whoa, wait, are you serious? 75mb? This is the same as on-disc DLC - if publishers download the data to our hard drives without permission via title updates, they're taking up our valuable disc space and paying us to access it. Ridiculous.

equal_youth1344d ago

@Blues Cowboy

Yeah that is exactly what i was thinking. they released the dlc in one of the title updates and than you have to buy the DLC to access it. This is getting more and more ridiculous over the past years. I wonder what they will think
of next and how they will sell it to us.. maybe just more of the same outsourced regions and storylines they have already ripped out of the game.

dumahim1344d ago

Some of it was patched in a week or two ago in advance so the update this week wouldn't be so large.

Even so, a small download isn’t surprising since so much of the new events are using the same areas that were already there, just blocked off.

PONTIAC08G8GT1344d ago

Really glad I sold this game back to CrapStop when they offered $40 for it. Played the game for about 2 weeks and was bored. This game was hyped so much and then was such a letdown.

Gamer19821344d ago

LOL I got all 3 pieces of DLC for £25 (as part of digital deluxe) meaning around £8.33 each. They set the high prices so you buy season passes. Bought game with DLC from a USA PSN account for $100 which at time was £60 the RRP of the game in the UK. So I consider DLC free.. So this article for that reason is hilarious..

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Hoffmann1344d ago

You can get some months of PSN Plus with that amount of money too. ..Just sayin'

kurruptor1344d ago

Wow, so many hate articles about this game. Goes to show how popular it really is.

Neixus1344d ago

This is one of the games that i wish no one bought, Destiny is such a cashgrab that the devs don't deserve the sales.

If they really want it to be an MMO experience, they should of add new patches for free every 3rd month, then an expansion pack which costs money.
Something like how WoW does.

one2thr1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Yeah it got me too, I made it to lvl 28, did the vault 15 times and failed all 15 times, but good thing I traded it in for GTA V.

Volkama1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

WoW charges a monthly subscription...

It also has a box price, charges for expansions, AND has a cash shop. I'm not sure it was a great choice of reference...

Neixus1344d ago

Ofcourse it charges for expansions and have a monthly sub.
It's not like they could afford to create content for the game for like 10 years with one-time purchases.

In-game shop doesn't really dent the game in anyway, it's cosmetics and a 90 boost. Which is for people who dont want to lvl 100 levels again.

UKmilitia1344d ago

the thing is when u look at a real mmo like eq2 its the same game that was released years ago yet its had add ons over the years,with bungie we getting destiny 1 and 2 dlc,then destiny 2 and 2 dlc and finally destiny 3 with 2 dlc.

its bull with how they broke it up and its way overpriced for the amount of content and variation you get.

i really want a true MMO on console.

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Hoffmann1344d ago shows more how many people dislike that this game was not as good as thought + it was totally overhyped by big parts of the gaming press.

Over 350 articles alone on destructoid while it received only a 6,5/10 in the review.

one2thr1344d ago

I can admit, I fell for the hype.


marlinfan101344d ago

Or it goes to show how big of a let down it was.

dumahim1344d ago

I played the game every day for hours just to get to level 30. I didn’t reach that until a couple weeks ago. I had to resort to creating duplicate alts just so I could run through the raid enough times to finally get the one piece I needed.
Then in that time I had acquired many of the exotics. Even though some weren’t that good, I awaited the buff. Now it finally came, except in order for that to happen I have to reset them and start over upgrading them? Why? They made them weak to start with, and to fix them they want to toss away the work we put in to them? Screw that.

I fired up the game last night to try out some of the new stuff. Went through the three story missions and it was mostly reused areas. Get through that and I’m sent on some stupid fetch quests in patrol just to unlock the strike mission? Nope.

Now the cap is increased and I’ll start the grind to get the new gear all over again? No thanks. I’m done with that crap. There’s other games out there to play that don’t feel the need to waste my time for nothing.

kurruptor1344d ago

If no one at all liked this game, it would have faded away and no one would be talking about it.

The fact is this game is highly popular and the haters are a vocal minority.

FuzzyPixels1344d ago

All it shows is that Activision's marketing was extremely effective.

dumahim1344d ago

The game has only been out a couple months. If they keep up the way they are going, it will fade away. I tried the DLC last night and I'm quitting the game.

Gamer19821344d ago

Love the DLC and the game and the haters hate because they expected something differnt from the game. Playing with a couple of friends makes this game amazing.. Solo its boring and tedious I get it. I play for hours with my brother most nights and took a break for DA:I and came back to the DLC and the game feels fresh again with new stuff to earn.

ceballos77mx1344d ago

I completely agree, I've enjoyed this game a lot and these expansion missions were a blast, doing story missions with a character already the way I like it is fun and playing with friends is even better.

If you don't like it don't play it and let people enjoy whatever they bought with their money.

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Toiletsteak1344d ago

This game is a rip off, i am so glad i sold it when it was worth something, i ended up losing a couple of pound but, i got Shadow of Mordor which was awesome.

FuzzyPixels1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Oh man, Shadow of Mordor is awesome!

Nemesis system seems like such a simple idea when you think about it, but really revolutionary. Amazing game, have sunk hours and hours into it. Don't regret a single second.

Smitty20201344d ago

I was stuck on this game until the prices of dlc's got shown and like others have said i have uninstalled it also

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